Tuesday, November 16, 2010


The little toddler, putting his feet on the floor, looks forlorn and
frightened. He hesitates to move, but he wants to reach for the toy truck
across the room. Slowly moving, his wobble feet, one at a time. He loses
balance and falls down on the floor. He lingers, and wonders what he will
do. Will he remain on the floor or try to get up to get to the toy?
Just as a toddler, we have to make decisions to either move forward or
remain stationary. With no movement we don't have to leave our "comfort
zone".We know what and who we have in life, job, relationships, values.
Uncertainty, may not be an issue we have to face and challenge ourselves.
Just leave everything as it is , don't challenge and create changes. If,
we remain in life with little movements, we might not have to face
failure and disappointment. To move forward and challenge ourselves opens
up new experiences, situations and yes, the possibility of regretting

our decisions. Moving forward gives us the potential to grow and learn.
To move forward we can experience new situations. Yes, we might
get frustrated but we can grow as an individual.

In my life, I have made 5 job changes in 34 years as a social worker.
I remained within our State gov. system. Many times I would say to myself,
Why do this? At the end of my career, I had learned valuable information
which had some impact on each job change. Moving forward can cause stress,
but can open a new world to us. Just think, if no person didn't challenge
themselves and initiate movement and change in their "comfort zone",
we might not have the leaders of different nations, inventions, and
so much more. We can grow everyday. Take movements, changes, to learn
from mistakes, advice, observations.Look back in time, Jesus reached
out to people. He approached issues about tyranny, false Gods, loose
morals,people relationships, etc. He was crucified, but his impact
upon this world is the most significant factor that has impacted our lives.
Take steps, move forward, question, challenge , learn. Move out of your
"comfort zone", and Grow.


  1. Sometimes I feel like I would like to just stand very still, not breathe, hope no one notices me or my life...maybe bad things won't happen. Nope, it never worked before and it never will...life is change, nature is change...and we only get better when we stretch and change. So I guess the saying "some things never change" is really a false one! Just stay as sweet as you are though..maybe that's the thing that never changes!

  2. Yes, you make a really good point. As they say, nothing ventured, nothing gained.

  3. Rose you don't have to convince me of this being the truth - move out of your comfort zone and grow!


  4. HEAR! HEAR! for moving forward! Great post Rose
    thank you


  6. Hi Rose, I have never been afraid to 'step out of my box'----at least after I became strong enough to leave my first husband.. I moved --and took a new job. I stayed in that job for 4 yrs. Then I moved again and took a better job --in the same field. I stayed in that job for 5 yrs. THEN--I moved again for a BETTER job (same field)--and stayed there for 12 yrs. Finally, I moved again --stepping out of my box, and met George... Wow--life has been so good to me!!!!

  7. Yap....gonna step out of my box too after a year from now....my plans are coming true.

  8. Yes we do have to get out of our comfort zone, and move!

  9. Great post Rose...moving out of our comfort zone is an excellent way to grow.

  10. Great Post Rose....sometimes it is really hard to step out of that zone....but can be the best step we can take!

  11. Thanks for sharing some of your personal thoughts today. We all tend to venture out of comfort zones more than we should. Also, lessons are learned from a child.

  12. Your words are so true...but so difficult for me. I don't like change, and I like my comfort zone. I probably miss out because of this, but I do step out when I have to! LOL

  13. Yes, all so very true! Great life experiences, lessons and dif. the right attitude about them, Rose! Great post!! Loved it!

    Blessings & Hugs,

  14. Excellent words, excellent advice.

  15. God Bless you Rose, well written! That's what God wants us to do beyond our accepting salvation - that is to move forward and grow -to understand all the marvelous things we have to look forward to and to all the wonderful things we can accomplish here!
    Thank you,

  16. Well said Rose, and well written! :) I am also going through the same thing myself right now..

  17. Comfort zones are often very difficult to leave. But you are right, we must step out in faith to reach the world for Christ :-)


  18. Without change there is no growth, without growth there is no life. When we stop growing we stop living.........

  19. I worked very hard in my 81 years and yes, we moved forward, but now being retired, it was good once we got used to the togetherness. Now it is more of a struggle because of the uncertainty of Social Security, medicare and the 2nd year we will not get a cost of living increase. We earned those rights to have a more relaxed life, but how long is it going to be. Thanks Rose for the HB wishes.

  20. Very powerful message Rose! Full of great advice!

    Have a Great Day!

  21. I alwaYS come away after a visit to your blog with encourgement ... I have learned in the last five years to move forward alone.
    Thanks for your visit

  22. You said it well. Long journeys indeed--but little steps. Thanks for the encouragement.

  23. Hi, Rose, I FINALLY get to leave a comment (fingers crossed). I visit your blog often, but after scrolling through 25-30 of your comments either I forget what was going to write, someone else already said it far better, or i write my comment and it does not post because not signed in, hehehe. You are so right about "comfort zone" and so I am moving past shyness and leaving comment! Have a great weekend, and thank you for all of your thoughtful comments. I really appreciate it.

  24. Great post and wonderful advice, Rose. Thank you for sharing!

  25. I was thinking about the places I have worked just the other day. They have all been learning processes as you state. Walking through this life we never stop learning and growing along the way. People we teach also teach us...I came from being a passive shy person to an assertive one. One who tries never to walk on anothers feelings, yet this happens at times. One who also knows everyone is valuable to God, and we are all here to help each other. When we allow God to be our mentor and shape us, we are of much more use to others. I can see this in you my dear friend. God bless you Rose, for you are a beautiful jewel to God.

  26. You always give such good advice!

  27. Rose, once again you have written a thought-provoking post. You should write a book!

  28. Wonderful post Rose! And so true! I have made some huge "out of my comfort zone" leaps and what an amazing journey it has been! I NEVER thought I would be raising an infant while in my 40's. And now she is almost 3 and I can't imagine my life without her. It was one of the most scary things I have done. WAY out of my comfort zone! I searched my heart and prayed for guidance. And now, here we are, a happy little family!

  29. Rose,
    Isn't that true? It is so tough to push ourselves out of our comfort zone, but when I think of all the times I have done so, I've grown. That uncomfortable and nervous feeling is not always a bad thing. Now, if I can just remember that in the midst of it all!