Friday, July 30, 2010


Recently, my husband went on a 2week trip to build a playhouse for our granddaughter in another state. I love my husband for his love and willingness to do this. I remained at home with the 5 dogs as my husband won't board them as well i had no house sitter. I, did have one human who was at my house while my husband was gone. This young lady was having her house remolded and initially it was to take a few days. Well, the house needed more work than expected so after a month and a half, I still had this friend. If you remember we have 5 dogs. My husband is good about bathing them in a child's swimming pool. The babies had a bath before their Da Da left on his trip. Well, two of our babies have curly hair which becomes a problem when they have to go No. 2, you know what I mean. Molly, the smallest goes nuts if she has boo boo on her bottom. Our own young children don't like this either. Molly will run around the yard as if someone has lite a match to her tail. She also has this awful sound. After getting bathed, molly was now a happy baby. Unfortunately, Missy, our oldest baby, had the same problem. Now Missy is medium size dog and very overweight. It was a hoot trying to put her in the bathtub. Had to give it up and wash her standing up on the bathroom carpet. Boy! it's hard to bathe some children as all they want to do is go outside. Mission accomplished. My hope is that my husband will be back for the next bath time. During my husband being away, I had a situation . You know that things happen. I accept that idea. Well, out of stupidity, I was doing something and crashed down on my kitchen floor, face down. My friend came and saw that i was bleeding . as i was getting ready to go to the emergency room, my friend went into a fetal position , yelling " I hurt,my stomach hurts with shooting pains". Here I was bleeding and now checking on my friend. Because I have a social worker-mental health background, I comforted my friend with soothing words and rubbing her back. Remember, I'm still bleeding from my nose. My friend was having a flashback re her deceased father and she (she is 24) has no family. I, got her calmed down and her pain disappeared, she was afraid she might lose someone else in her life. Thank goodness she got her composure. She drove to the E.R. and after time spent, I had fractured my nose. I purposely, didn't tell my husband about my injury until a day before he was to leave for home. I had a tough time keeping this injury from him for a week. Things happen. It was good that I had company at my house when this situation happened. For a full week I had two black eyes, as well as my cheeks were black and blue. I told someone I looked like a racoon. By the time, my husband came home,he thought I looked bad, this was nothing compared to the "look like a racoon phase". All is well except I now have a permanet "elevated knot" which is not noticable as my glasses cover this. Boy! was i glad to have my husband come home. Things happen. I was glad I could help my friend as her reaction might have come at a different time and with no one familiar with that reaction. I'm also glad my friend got her comprure and handled this situation. Out of a bad situation ,sometimes a positive can occur, even if I had a fractured nose. THINGS HAPPEN and we will have to decide to sit or take action.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010


I'm A BIRD! Do you believe in reincarnation? I have mixed feelings. OK! let's think about this. If I died and went to Heaven, hopefully I didn't go to the other place, what would I like to return to the earth as an animal, another person, something in nature? I love birds. I would be a red cardinal or a Blue Jay. I love the bright colors and feel very well dressed. I could fly with ease(no more air planes)When I'm flying, I have an open window to the world around me. To be able to see flowers in bloom, to be able to watch humans below who might be playing with their children, to see humans cutting grass. Being a bird, I would be able to make beautiful sounds that are pleasant to the ears. Now the downside, when it rained, I might catch a cold as the trees don't give much shelter,and there are no vacant birdhouses. I have to eat some creatures for food. That big Tabby cat continues to try to make me his play thing or worse. So, now do I really want to be a bird?Let me think on that. What would you come back to earth if possible?

Monday, July 26, 2010


Today, I would like to share two situations that come into my mind about my MAMA MILLIE.Whenever, I think of my mother I always think of her determination to do a job. In our city, there is a plant that has these large trees located on it's outside grounds. This particular place was where my parents patiently collected nuts for Mama to bake her famous nut roll cookies. This sounds easy, but the hard part of this activity was shelling these nuts. These were hickory nuts. They are tiny and very time consuming to shell. once my parents collected these nuts, they were like an assembly line getting as much of nut for future baking. This would drive me "nuts" as this was like using a tweaser to remove a splinter,that so small. Can you imagine how many nuts you would need to make over 10 dozen cookies? My parents were like squirrels storing food for the winter. Both of my parents are deceased. Whenever, I drive near these old hickory trees, I visualize seeing my parents with buckets collecting these "pieces of Gold". No matter how long this "nut hunting"took, it was an activity done without stopping. Death of a loved one takes the body. It doesn't take the memory that we have of that person. In order to survive facing death, concentrating on the spirit, memories,of our loved ones, is what can get us through a loss. Death has power, we need to strive to take that power away as Death cannot take away our memories of the person we lost. If we allow Death to overshadow our precious and some not so precious memories, we will struggle and Death is or can overshadow the memory that God has nurtured and we do an injustice to our deceased person who gave us moments that can't be eliminated unless we allow Death to consume us from going on with life. Hold onto your memories, live as those we lost would want for us.

Have you ever known of someone that if you told them to do something they wouldn't deviate? Mama Millie, had some health issues. Mother's doctor encouraged her to walk. Sounds good. Well from Monday through Friday, Mama Millie would get up at 4 a.m. and leave the house no later than 6 a.m. and go to a local walking track. She would complete 10 laps equal to 3 miles a day. I, don't think my mother's doctor meant mother to do this daily ritual. Many times, it was dark and there weren't any other people walking. Mother lost weight and to change her walking schedule, we talked to her Doctor and he in turn gave Mother a suggested walking schedule. If we hadn't talked to the Doctor, we wouldn't be able to change mother's schedule. Mother was like a "locomotive", once she started she wouldn't change her schedule, although we cautioned her about safety issues. Mother eventually had to give up this routine as she became ill. The gist of this story is that Mother was better than I at exercising, but that I was less stubborn and guess lazy. When I think of my Mother, I think that she was a "tough old bird",stronger than people her age as well as myself.

Friday, July 23, 2010


Be aware, it's not contagious, not the flu, or a cold. It's FREE, comes from any direction,it can spread and it's hard to ignore.


S-sensitivity, see, scope
L-listen, laughter
E-eye contact

A SMILE is a simple thing to do ,but not so simple that it's not needed. We smile to to give comfort ,sensitivity,acceptance,caring of one person to another A friend's husband has died, we may be at lost for words, a simple smile, may say,"I'm here for you my friend". A smile can acknowledge to a friend or family member pleasure we receive from whatever situation is happening. Watching your child ride a bicycle for the first time and a parent smiles indicating "I'm proud of you, good job. Your in a situation were silence is all that is noted , a smile can transfer a message of understanding. A SMILE is not an expensive gift but many times is needed. It is a gift from our inner self to someone else. It is a gift that Jesus would want us to offer to another person.

to smile

So few muscles needed.
So little effort.
So many benefits.
Smiling brightens our faces
. and lights up a room .
It can disarm

"Give a smile and it will be repaid."


Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Today, it's a normal day sitting at the computer located in the sun room. I can hear a muffled barking sound outside, I try to ignore it, but the sound won't go away. Upon opening the door,there's Missy, our oldest child(dog), who has been saying"Mommy, let me in".Missy with her mat of hair and a little larger body (she and I need to go on a diet), comes into the room, plops down on the carpet with no word of thank you. She has bad manners and it's not uncommon if you want her to move out of the way, she just looks at you with those sad eyes.?At our house, sometimes you can't get the children (dogs) to stay outside and play. I guess it's the heat today, that is a problem. As I say this, come to think of it, the "babies, all 5 follow mommy and daddy where ever we go. Back to the computer. I hear another sound. There's some scratching on the glass door, as well as singing with a high pitched voice. This interruption won't stop. Again, I open the door and little Ms. Molly, prances into the room. She has this thing about shaking her head and you feel like she is scolding you for not paying attention to her. After numerous attempts, Molly finally settles down in a chair and there is no noise. I, forgot to mention, that if you don't watch the crack in the door when you open it, another family member/ members will bolt and there they are in the house. Here's Megan, the "jumper", and Micki, the juvenile delinquent, joining Mommy and their 2 other siblings. Boy! some days, it's hard to be a mother. Megan must be hyperactive as she paces around the room before she settles down. Micki, our youngest child has so much energy. In and out behind furniture, not having enough sense that he gets stuck and all you see is this furry butt slowly backing out from beneath a chair. Don't know if he will ever learn he's too big. Molly is resting on her Daddy's /Mommy's recliner, watching Micki acting crazy sniffing and getting on furniture as well as continuing to inspect underneath the furniture. I wonder, if he is the designated "DUST PATROL"?It's difficult to sit down as Megan likes to be a lap dog Usually, I have to block her from getting on my lap if I can't hold her. Megan also, will push aside any of her siblings, as we try to get the attention of another child. She is determined to get her need of attention filled, even if her name isn't Missy, Molly, Micki, Murphy. Micki, in the mean time continues to inspect the room and furniture. Now, it's time to call it quits.Micki is the 1st to be kicked out, I mean asked to leave and go outside.(please don't report me to whoever for abuse). Micki upon being escorted out of the room, gives up and decides to go through the dogie door and joins his brother,Murphy, who has little sympathy for Micki. Murphy has restrictions to be in the other parts of the house. Murphy is still not diaper trained and one piece of furniture is as good as another, and up will go his leg and you can figure what next may happen. Eventually, I'm able to settle down until the children hear this imaginary sound and then they want to go outside to chase what they think is outside. Usually, it's nothing. I think they are paranoid. Little did I think I would become a mother of 5 howling babies. As much as I get frustrated at times, I love my babies. I know I'm a SUCKER.My husband has been on a trip for 2 weeks. It's difficult sleeping alone. Megan, has shared our bed as I like to talk to someone while in bed. Megan, is behaving and seems to enjoy some time out from her siblings. I know I'm nuts. Isn't love grand? While it's quiet, I'll get back to the computer before this cycle starts back up again with the babies. Do you have any situations with "your children" that seem ongoing and need to be changed or totally stopped? It's tough being a parent.

Saturday, July 17, 2010


It's Saturday, and I thought I would share something light hearted and different. I came across some old postcards at an antique mall. Normally, these wouldn't catch my eye, BUT...I have no idea when they were printed, definitely not within this current time. I,love the colors. That's what attracted me to them at first. The words and the pictures added to my continual gaze. Now, I have to first say, not to offend anyone, I have a weight problem, and it's not an issue being thin. You can guess.You will notice two postcards with women with well built bodies (not small, not medium, not--OH! do I lie, "NO", yes pleasing plump, thats a safe comment. Times have changed. I have a sense of humour, but in my "hay days" as a younger woman, I'm not certain if I would laugh off the cards with the women. Now, being a woman of today, I cherish all that these cards offer to my sense of humour. Which card would be your favorite? You, need to be careful, you never know that one of these cards may show up in your mailbox. Have a good Saturday. Enjoy!

Thursday, July 15, 2010


Lets travel back to 1973. In that year I obtained my 1st. job. I, was employed as a Social Worker at a GA. state hospital with tuberculosis patients. At that time, my parents were still residing in Penn.. In July of that year, I met Eddie, a brother of a co-worker. We saw each other everyday. After work, he would camp out at my apartment door steps. We did simple dates, cooking, picnics, going on car rides, sightseeing. We both were still watching our budgets. In, Sept, Eddie proposed marriage, I, turned him down and then 2 weeks later said yes. My parents were coming to visit me. I had shared information to my parents about this man,but wanted them to meet him before we sprung the news of our intentions of getting married. Well, you know that you make a plan but a clink happens, mine was Mama Millie. Within a two hour period, Mama Millie, had "interrogated"me caused me to ball like a baby. Some words were flying. Mama Millie was upset as I, was wanting to marry someone 13 years older than myself, a Baptist, no college ed. and worst of all divorced . I, didn't feel this was the wrong decision as I, was always "too level headed" and I seemed much older than my 24 years. Eddie, initially thought I was 28, was that good or bad? My plans to let my parents meet Eddie before I sprung on the news of us getting married, went out the door. Mama Millie looked at my Dad and said"Stephan, do you hear that she wants to get married"? Dad's response, "Let her get married". If, you could remember, my parents married only after knowing each other for one month.Dad, accepted I was an adult and very much a "grounded person". Mama Millie, backed off. I, think she felt she was losing her baby girl. After meeting, Eddie, my parents, Mama Millie and Dad accepted this news. Before they left to go back to Penn, my parents were buying items, including furniture for the home we were buying. This all "blew my mind". My parents couldn't return to Ga., vacation time issue. We had a quiet home wedding with friends and only my husband's family. As years went by, we learned the disappointment that Eddie's sperm count was low and would never father a child. I, got depressed. We tried artificial insemination, this felled. Surprising, Mama Millie suggested adopting. She now was into this grandmother direction. Well, we did and adopted, Chuck, who was 4yrs. old as well as his sister, Rochelle, age 6. Unfortunately, the adoption of Rochelle would years later fail due to some psychiatric problems. Mama Millie and Dad were great and accepted the children. My parents moved to Georgia. Throughout the years, the relationship between Eddie and my parents was good.When Dad, died, Mama Millie, was encouraged to "visit" with us until Mama Millie could decide what she wanted to do without Dad. WE, never meant for her to live permanently with us. Suddenly, an extra bedroom was being added to our house. My mother was 18 years older than Eddie but she accepted him as a son. He was a very good person and Mama Millie got along very well with him. Unfortunately, in 1991, we , Eddie, myself, Mama Millie, were involved in a car accident and Eddie was killed upon impact, we had injuries. We were only 1 hour away from home. Left with a husband, came home that evening with no husband. Throughout, this time and afterwards, Mama Millie grieved with me for the loss of my husband and her son. I, will always love Mama Millie for all that she was and for her to let down her guard and accept and love my husband. You never know how much the power of love can grow if you trust in God, yourself, and others. WE were married for 18 years, those I thank God and Mama Millie and Dad for being a part of my life with Eddie and myself.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Recently, I went to see the movie, Eclipse, the 3rd. movie in the Twilight saga.It's a love story between, Bella and Edward. Bella is A human while Edward is a vampire. A love story?? Yes, but how could an odd couple fall in love? You always hear that opposites attract. Well needless to say loving a vampire would not be considered normal., Edward and Bella though they have some differences, they become a couple in love. In their relationship they make compromises, try to understand each other, and trust in one another. Doesn't this sound like the much needed aspects we need in a relationship? Let me share that Edward has no desire to kill anyone, as a "normal" vampire. A love triangle occurs, where Jacob,Bella's friend is in love with Bella. His issues, he can change into a werewolf. Bella loves Jacob, but not as deeply as she loves Edward. As the movie progresses, evil forces(bad werewolves) are after Bella and eventually will invade the local town. Although, Jacob and Edward are rivals, they put this aside to work together to protect Bella. If, in your mind you can eliminate the issue that Edward is a vampire and Jacob is a werewolf, then you can see this is a love story. In love, in the true sense, love means trying to understand each other, make compromises , patience, trust in one another, putting the other person before yourself, putting or willingness to put aside issues such as drugs,alcohol, being a blood sucking vampire. There has to be loyalty and less selfless by one other. All of these components are noted in this movie. If you go to see Eclipse, and can visualize that Edward and Jacob could be humans just like Bella you couldn't dismiss that it's a love story and not just viewed as a horror movie. There will be two sequels after Eclipse. I have to admit I hesitated to even see one of these movies, because I heard of vampires vs werewolves, but I got hooked on this love story. In a relationship, it's important for us to see beyond physical appearances and look at the personality, character of the person. What is your opinion of this situation, love story or horror movie?

Saturday, July 10, 2010


Well, let me tell you that Ms. Anna, is not our real baby (dog), first her first name doesn"t start with the initial M, as all of our 5 other babies, secondly, she has a mother named, Telsa. Ms. Anna, has come to our house for us to baby sit while her Mother does errands. Her mother is Young and has no family, it looks like we may have fostered her mother. Recently, Ms Anna and her Mother have stayed at our home for the past month while their house is being remodeled. Hopefully, they will be back in their home next week. It sometimes gets crazy at our home.Along with Ms. Anna and her Mother, I forgot to mention that we have Ms. Anna's siblings, the twp parakeets, who now occupy living in our spare bathroom. Now, back to Ms. Anna. Ms. Anna is a Chihuahua. She is light brown and her feet are white. Her tail is long and curls in a funny shape. She is a barker and loves to eat. Ms. Anna, and our 5 babies (dogs) usually get along except for food. we have to feed her separately from the others. Ms. Anna seems to have a fixation on being not happy with our oldest baby, Ms. Missy. Ms. Missy, doesn't do anything but Ms. Anna is always trying to bully her. This reminds me of David and Goliath. It' wild at this house when we have visitors come to our fence gate. All Of our five babies as well as Ms. Anna, runs and greets people with alot of barking, they aren't mean in anyway to strangers. AT night time or in the day, we hate when we hear a fire truck or an ambulance, as all six will then sing out very loud. Although Ms. Anna is small she has let the other children know not to bother her. Pester her and she will come out fighting, no size matters. Ms. Anna is smart, probable more so than any of our babies. On command, she will Sit, stand on her hind legs, lay down, bark, and do a high5. Our babies do none of these tricks. Some time ago, we put in a dogie door that leads to the kitchen. it touch us over a week from pushing, bribing to get our babies to use the door. One of our babies, Ms. Molly, still at times get brain loss and won't go through the door. Now, Ms. Anna took only 5 minutes to learn to use this door. Ms.Anna is a lap baby. If someone is siting down she demands them to hold her. Now none of OUR 5 babies, don't have this issue. HA! HA!. Ms. Anna's size, although small, she is a gladiator, so don't forget that. Playing with her and her toys, she will hold on and rarely give up to defeat by losing her toy. My blog is about treasures. I consider that Ms. Anna as well as her mother is a treasure that will always be in our hearts and minds. Is there a pet or something or someone that has become a treasure to yourself that you won't forget?

Thursday, July 8, 2010


Is there something that you do that just makes you feel unlike yourself? Mine is trying on Hats. Growing up in a Catholic church, we had to wear hats to church.This now has changed. I, remember going to church on Easter Sunday with my hat. Usually it was white with light colored flowers. I had a lot of hats, but now this part of my childhood is gone. I do have a few hats, but not as much as I had when I was younger. One of the "funniest things" I enjoy doing is to try on hats.I will do this in department stores, clothing stores, antique shops (they are my favorite), and anywhere they have hats. When I try on a hat, I become a little girl acting giddy, making faces, and sounds that might fit the style of the hat. I, have to admit,I won't do this alone as I would be considered "nuts", and it's more fun doing this with a friend. When I'm feeling blue, this uplifts my spirits. Is there an activity that seems to call to you and that child in you suddenly appears? Being an adult doesn't mean we have to stay straight. This activity often helps me when my spirits are low, it's OK to laugh at ourselves.

Monday, July 5, 2010


When I was very young, Mama Millie, self taught herself to crochet. She always told my "I keep studying the pictures". Well, I have to admit I never learned to crochet, yet by just looking at pictures. Mother loved to crochet. For a no. of years, she limited herself from doing this "love", because of work. After, Mother retired, she went "on a whirl wind", and did crochet on a daily basis. She would usually make crochet dollies and then eventually did a bedspread.I have a very large house. Majority of my furniture has a Dollie. Some of these items are over 50 years old. I, also have some that Mother made that could be hung on a wall.My Mother became ill. She had to stop her crocheting as she was diagnosed with Dementia. Mother couldn't remember very well. She began to question what to do with a utensil. While she had a slight memory one day, she wanted to crochet. I, didn't want to refuse to get these items I handed the needle and thread to her. She sat and stared and then she said,"I,don't know what to do with this". After I took the items and put them up I then cried. Mother who could do a no. of things was no longer capable to do what she loved best. Mother has been dead for 3 years. Although, she is not physically in my home, her crochet items give me a loving and warm feeling as if she was still in my home. How special to have an item, of your deceased parent that can remind you that the "spirit" of your loved one is around you and this may give you some peace. Is there anything of a deceased love one that gives you peace and comfort?

Saturday, July 3, 2010

JULY 4th.

Tomorrow we celebrate the 4Th of July. With many struggles, our Nation, America was born. We owe all of the rights, choices, freedom, to those souls who recognized that Man should live without containment from other countries. I, think of all our native sons and without their fighting for Independence, we could be under tyranny from our own country as well as other countries. When I, think of the Statue Of Liberty, I cannot forget those immigrants,including my Mother as well as my Grandparents, who came to our Nation because of the freedoms that were infringed upon themselves during WW II. Today, we still recognize our Nation as a symbol of freedom of which we should never take for granted. Happy 4Th of July, Happy Birthday America.

Friday, July 2, 2010


It's Friday and I'm joining in with friday follow me. My blog is about the people, things, events in our lives that are treasures . Take time and read some of my posts and let me know you are involved in Follow Follow Me and i will get back with you as soon as possible

Thursday, July 1, 2010


I'm down to the wire. Well yes, Micki is our 5Th. dog(baby), and he's our wired haired terrier. Have you ever gone somewhere and maybe shouldn't have gone and bought something? I, think all of us have done that. Well, let me tell you about my visit to pet land. Went to this store to look for an item. They sell alot of dogs. I had 4 dogs at home and I'm a sucker for a sad story. The sales lady was holding this busy, white dog with copper markings.I was told he was 6 months old. Getting too old at times to get someone to purchase him. well, according to the sales lady this dog needed room, not a cage was getting depressed and not eating. She took him home to change his environment but couldn't afford to buy him herself. Well, i got hooked, but as I left the store I kept saying "FORGET IT, WE HAVE 4 BABIES". Got home, couldn't get this dog off my mind. We have 4 acres .My husband is a wimp about animals and naturally I had to tell him about this dog. It's amazing how fast someone can run to the phone. Found out the cost of this dog, bargained with the store, although still expensive, and next thing I know we are the proud parents of MICKI# 5Th. baby. As a result of this purchase, I am no longer allowed to go into Petland, Micki is our youngest child. His breed as a wired haired terrier, is appropiate, definitely he is wired. Now, we have 5 dogs with names starting with the letter M. They all rhyme. Micki is our runner. He loves to run and encouraged his siblings to run and chase. If there is a trouble maker, it's Micki. Micki is a Houdini, a great escape artist. Although we have a fence around the 4 acres, he will find an opening to escape. After numerous escapes, and sending him to his room, with a spanking ( a light one) he has learned his lesson and doesn't have this annoying need.We at times check the fence for escape areas. Micki and his brother, Murphy at times get into fights, usually about food or not wanting to share toys. My husband is NUTS about this child because he has so much life, maybe too much. Micki likes to jump on the kitchen chairs. He looks like he is waiting for his plate of food to be served at the table. We haven't broken him of this chair sitting routine. Micki loves his Daddy or his "JA JA". His "JA JA", has built him a seat attached to the riding mower and away "the boys" go,father and son. It's amazing what you would do for your child. I, never had a special seat on the mower.Micki is our "licker" He will lick you to death, I'm not used to that. My husband on the other hand.....When I reflect upon our adoption of Micki I think that although he can be a pest, he has added alot of humor and laughter to our family. Micki is our last baby, but next time, I would like to share with you about our final baby who is "our foster dog",Boy! are we NUTS. YES! YES!,but what can I say?