Wednesday, December 8, 2010


TRY, TRY, TRY, it has taken me days to get my pictures to be posted. Don't know what went wrong. After much frustration, I just couldn't deal with the computer. I'm sorry for the delay and now will try to say Hi! to my friends.Please notice my post dated 12/05/10. your friend, Rose

Sunday, December 5, 2010


I, had planned to do this post sooner, but as many of us bloggers have said,"busy", it's easy to get sidetracked. I'm still alive and will get back to reading blogs. I hope that all of you had a safe and warm Thanksgiving. Our Thanksgiving was good and busy. As we have just celebrated Thanksgiving, we are preparing for Christmas. This usually involves decorating and food preparation. Some families have certain traditions and ideas. In 1991, my 1st. husband was killed in a car accident. As the months went by (husband was killed during May, Memorial weekend), Christmas became an issue. My Mother, asked me why would I want to decorate the house and celebrate Christmas. I, told Mother that I felt if I didn't acknowledge Christmas life would be very miserable and that we needed to celebrate the birth of Jesus. When I lost my husband, I never got angry at God and ask why me. I was fortunate to have 18 years with my husband and that was a blessing. During this time, I used an idea given by my church to help people through Christmas. I, set up a "Blessing Tree". What is a " Blessing Tree"? A tree that is not pretty or several tree limbs to make up as a tree. Everyone at church would write on a piece of paper a blessing they have received. The blessing was put onto the tree and eventually there was a beautiful tree thanking God for providing blessings to everyone. I, remember getting a few tree limbs, setting this up as a tree in my home and daily place a blessing on my tree. It looked strange to some, but was my salvation. I, admit that I don't do a blessing tree every year, but try to remember how this helped me. The tags on the tree would be written from Thanksgiving until the end of December. Currently, my tree is located in our hallway, I, can't miss it. I, have a bowl of tags, a calender on the table and check each day off as I write a blessing. Some of my blessings are having friends, a husband who will make oatmeal and coffee for us, that is just some examples. When the Christmas holiday is over, I still keep my tree and decorate for different holidays. I, wanted to share this idea to you and maybe the "Blessing Tree", will become a part of your life. Attached is a photo of my tree, you can notice that it is different from our Christmas tree. Also included are photos of our Christmas decorations in our home. My husband often will tell me I go overboard decorating, but I still go the same path. I, have a collection of Santa's, some of which my Mother gave me way before she died. I, also have a very old chalk nativity scene that I had when I was a toddler.Enjoy the photos as much as I enjoyed decorating. Are there any traditions that you do in preparing yourself and your home for Christmas?