Thursday, March 17, 2011

The luck of the Irish

Today is St. Patrick's Day. We often hear the statement, "the luck of the Irish". Although, I'm not Irish, my husband is from Ireland. Within our home, we have a number of items that are Irish. When I think of the statement"luck of the Irish", I feel very lucky and fortunate. Although, I have had my share of hurts and disappointments, I feel very lucky. I'm fortunate to have had a long career and was able to retire at age 56 with 90% of my salary. I've just recently applied for Soc. Sec. benefits. With my time I have the freedom to spend time with family and friends. I enjoy being a Hospice volunteer and receive many blessings from those I spend time with. I'm fortunate to be pretty healthy, whereas others are not so fortunate. My home life can be "crazy" living with my Irish man,who will blast up the c.d.'s of Irish music,comes up with unusual inventions, as well as art works. Still, I'll keep my man. I have a beautiful stepdaughter as well as a granddaughter,and son-in-law. My,now 6 dogs are loud but gives me pleasure as well as medical bills. I, may not be Irish, but I'm lucky. Are you lucky and what do you feel fortunate to have?