Sunday, November 21, 2010



T-time to remember who/whats important in our life
give thanks to God.
H-hear the sounds of laughter,birds chirping
give thanks to God.
A-all of the great wonders of the world,Grand Canyon,etc.
give thanks to God.
N-nature, trees, flowers are there for us to enjoy
give thanks to God.
K-know that miracles can happen
give thanks to God.
S-sunshine acts as a blanket to keep us warm
give thanks to God.
G-God gave life
give thanks to God.
I-I am never alone,He is with me
give thanks to God.
V-valuable people and things in our life
give thanks to God.
I-I have the ability to become the person I want to be
give thanks to God.
N-notice the colors of a rainbow
give thanks to God.
G-God loves us
give thanks to God.

As Thanksgiving approaches, let us all remember that God is always with us.
Thanksgiving is a time to enjoy family, friends, food. It is also a time to
reflect into our lives of the people and possessions we have, not taking
these for granted.Take time to pray and thank God. I wish to all of you
a blessed Thanksgiving.

Peace be with you, Rose

Tuesday, November 16, 2010


The little toddler, putting his feet on the floor, looks forlorn and
frightened. He hesitates to move, but he wants to reach for the toy truck
across the room. Slowly moving, his wobble feet, one at a time. He loses
balance and falls down on the floor. He lingers, and wonders what he will
do. Will he remain on the floor or try to get up to get to the toy?
Just as a toddler, we have to make decisions to either move forward or
remain stationary. With no movement we don't have to leave our "comfort
zone".We know what and who we have in life, job, relationships, values.
Uncertainty, may not be an issue we have to face and challenge ourselves.
Just leave everything as it is , don't challenge and create changes. If,
we remain in life with little movements, we might not have to face
failure and disappointment. To move forward and challenge ourselves opens
up new experiences, situations and yes, the possibility of regretting

our decisions. Moving forward gives us the potential to grow and learn.
To move forward we can experience new situations. Yes, we might
get frustrated but we can grow as an individual.

In my life, I have made 5 job changes in 34 years as a social worker.
I remained within our State gov. system. Many times I would say to myself,
Why do this? At the end of my career, I had learned valuable information
which had some impact on each job change. Moving forward can cause stress,
but can open a new world to us. Just think, if no person didn't challenge
themselves and initiate movement and change in their "comfort zone",
we might not have the leaders of different nations, inventions, and
so much more. We can grow everyday. Take movements, changes, to learn
from mistakes, advice, observations.Look back in time, Jesus reached
out to people. He approached issues about tyranny, false Gods, loose
morals,people relationships, etc. He was crucified, but his impact
upon this world is the most significant factor that has impacted our lives.
Take steps, move forward, question, challenge , learn. Move out of your
"comfort zone", and Grow.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Veterans Day

I vow to thee,my country----
All earthly things above===
Entire and whole and perfect,
The service of my love.

18, 20, 22, does age matter? He comes to volunteer to serve
his country. Unseasoned, not knowing what path-road he will go.
Will he be able to follow commands? Will he be able to fire a
rifle if needed and wound or kill another person, the enemy who
resists allowing people to live in a free world from tyranny?
Will he be able to face the possibility of his own death? He knows
that God is everywhere. He asks for God's help to endure this new life
in America's service. He asks God to give him strength to do what
needs to be done in peaceful times as well as in war. When, all
is done, he no longer is a inexperienced soldier, but now a seasoned
veteran and his youth is gone. God Bless our military veterans.

V--volunteer, valor
E--enforcer, enlisted
T--troops, training
E--elite, enterprising
R--resourceful, rookie,recuirt
A--armed forces, amazing
N--Navy, National Guard
S--soldier, serviceman, seasoned


Sunday, November 7, 2010

Back At Home ,Welcome

Back at home from a short trip out of town trip.You are welcome to come into our home. I forgot that there was a scarecrow being lazy on a bale of hay guarding the gate into our yard. Don't worry, he won't frisk you. Walking towards our house you can see the trees just beginning to change in color with leaves of orange, red,and gold. Be careful walking,there are leaves and fallen acorns on the driveway. You can hear the crunching sound of the acorns as you walk. I, guess we need to do some sweeping. Our welcome mat is partially covered with leaves. Where is the housekeeper when you need them? Don't mind the several scarecrows on a bale of hay, they won't bother you. Let's go inside of our house. Did some decorating,but I didn't over do it. I, didn't want to feel like a party pooper. We have two fireplace mantels, one in the living room as well as one in the dining room. The mantel in the living room,has candles, orange-gold leaves and a sweet figurine standing on a cart. Do you think she will use the cart and leave the mantel? Let's open the French doors into the dining room. Couldn't resist decorating the mantel. Love using burgundy candles, with greenery wrapping around our old antique clock and cute contented girl hold a basket with squash and surprising not dead flowers. Soon time will pass and the mantels will be decorated with Christmas items. I, enjoy decorating our dining room table. On the table, you will notice dinnerware that have a turkey design with leaves. I, love a bargain. I, bought an eight piece setting for twenty dollars at an indoor flea market. Candles are a must item on our table as well as those pilgrim people. My husband often tells me we have too many candles. No woman can have too many candles to decorate the house. Oh!, I forgot, I have an appointment and have to end our tour. Soon I'll be decorating for Christmas and will invite you back to our home. Best wishes for a safe and wonderful Thanksgiving. God Bless. Rose