Friday, February 11, 2011

I think that most people would have to admit the weather has been "wild",
too much rain,snow,wind. Living in Georgia, we rarely expect to get snow.
In the past no. of months, we have had snow (2-4 in.)on Christmas Day.We have
had snow two times since Christmas. This amount of snow may not seem much,
but Georgia isn't equipped to deal with this as other states. Recently,
we had a few days with sun and temps. between 50-60 degrees. I, hope you
enjoy the photos I took when I went to Berry College. I, was amazed to
see some students laying on blankets on campus enjoying the sun. Also
included are two photos showing buds on the trees as well as the yellow
jonquils coming up from the ground. All that I see are wonders of life and
blessings given to us from God.

Sunday, February 6, 2011


What's it like at your home at night time? Before going to bed, we "SUSH"
our 6 babies(dogs) outside for their "bathroom needs".While waiting,darkness
surrounds us with a dark black sky as a background for twinkling stars.
What a beautiful sight. I often wonder who is looking at the same stars.
Are these star gazers living within our range,what do they do,what are their
life styles? It's doubtful, I will get an answer. The road in front of
our home has less traffic at night then during daylight. Unfortunately,
our bedroom faces this road, so car lights as well as movements are quite
noticeable.Ambulances seem to prefer to travel on our road, or is it just my
imagination? This isn't the best sound, as our "babies" tend to howl to
loud ambulance sounds.Sometimes our"babies", decide to take their time
outside like children,as they don't want to go to bed. Still waiting
outside, I can hear a train traveling through our town. I, wonder about
it's destination. When my sister and I were children, we could hear a train
as we lay in our bed to go to sleep. The sound hypnotized us to fall
asleep. There are dogs in the neighborhood that seem to continuously bark.
Are they saying they are hungry or just want someone to go out and
play? I, could care less.I,miss the birds chirping, they must be getting
ready to sleep. Finally, the babies slowly enter our kitchen. It's a good
thing that we have a large country kitchen. Four of the babies sleep in
kitchen with beds scattered alongside walls, or in front of the dishwasher,
and most likely under the kitchen table. Our babies are good about "potty"
issues, but just in case, pee wee pads are a lifesaver. Our oldest, Missy,
as well as our newest child, Mattie, have beds in our bedroom. As good
parents we allow Mattie to sleep with us, Mattie hasn't felt well.
Mattie, needs time to adjust to our home and know the security of our
home. Finally, all of the "babies" are bedded down. Time for Mom and Dad,
to get our p.j.'s on and jump into bed. The on until I notice the
snoring sounds of my husband. I'm careful to slowly move the t.v. control
out of Hubby's hand, if he awakes, he denies he fell asleep and the t.v.
remains on until the next time. Sometimes, while in a deep sleep, the
"babies" will get rowdy,sing(howl)in the middle of the morning between
2 a.m. and 6 a.m.Their Dad will jump out of our bed and open the kitchen
door and shout"SLEEPY,SLEEPY,GO TO SLEEP'. Their dad is very convincing,
the "babies" settle down. What a night! Although, we are retired, we
usually get up by 7 a.m. Time to get the "babies" to go outside and
prepare breakfast. It can be a long night.Whenever I think of this
life, I, thank God for all he has given me ,simple pleasures,good