Sunday, May 30, 2010


Tomorrow, is the official day we celebrate MEMORIAL Day. The day where we give more recognition to those military men and women who have died and served this country . We also recognize those who are currently serve this country. We,should always remind ourselves to pray for those who died, suffered injuries in war, those who are currently fighting in war zones ,those who are maintaining peace in different parts of the world, and those military officers who have the burden to make decisions that may mean life or death.My first husband served in Viet Nam. He was in the Air Force for 13 years. My father, was a WW If we look back, I feel that there is someone in our family history that was in the military.In this post, I have included photos that I took at Myrtle Hill Cemetery, the oldest cemetery in my area. In walking through this cemetery, it's hard not to think about how the lives of these veterans were affected by their time served in the military. I. know that neither my husband nor my father ever discussed their military experiences. They served this country and expected nothing in return except peace for people in this world. I, thank them for this.

Their names Known,
Their names Not Known,
into battle they silently move not wanting to be heard.
Eyes to the front, eyes to the right, eyes to the left,
searching for the enemy.
Rifles armed, aimed, shots fired.
In the distance, a body falls, the enemy.
I, know not his name, but I must move on
to the next before he kills me.
Oh! why do we have to have war?
Why, can't people take time to listen, understand, and
compromise without bloodshed?
Rose M.

I, visited my friend today.
He, no longer laughs, smiles, breathes.
He, is one of those many who have served this
country in the military.
His bed, is but a cold place in the ground.
He is sadly missed.
They say of him,"he served this country,he was brave"
Why do we have to have soldiers, why can't freedom always be
a part of life?
Let us not forget this friend who served for freedom.

Rose M.

Rose M.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010


While sitting in the living room, drinking a cup of coffee, my mind wanders and then I spot a number of THINGS in the room and house. Are these THINGS important? People are the most important THING in my life, so why do I value these things? It's not so much that these items are important, but that some memory is attached with that item. Looking around, I spot an old green small iron stove. My mother thought I was crazy to have this in my home. It was the 1st. antique item, I obtained. When I was a social worker, one of the nurses I made an exchange of items. I got her stove, she got my table. WE, both had no money so this was a way to get we both wanted. I, have no idea where this person is let alone if she still has my table, that was over 25 years ago. I still cherish my first item that led me to viewing antiques or what we think as antiques and being a part of history and memories. Years ago, before my first husband died, I saved money and purchased an old phonograph as a gift for my husband for his birthday. He loved music and collected old records. This was the last gift I gave to him before he died. H e so surprised and elated over this item. I have good as well as bad memories attached with this item. Over in a corner of the room, there is a bright colored glass firescreen for a coal burning fireplace. After my sister and I had visited my niece for the weekend, we saw a family selling household items. I,fell in love with this firescreen as well as a large old wooden ice box. WE, laughed as we were going to my house, where in the heck was I going to put these items. That was such a fun weekend as my sister and I rarely Go anywhere overnight. When, I was a little girl, my father made me and my sister give all of our toys away as we were moving. Dad never understood how children hated to part with their toys. One particular item I have always missed. It was a very simple doll, fits in the palm of your hand and didn't cost much but it was my special baby. A few years ago, while at an antique shop, I PURCHASEDE THIS SAME DOLL FOR 40 DOLLARS. I may have spent too much, but I have my doll near my bed and have recaptured some of my childhood. To this day, I value children having their toys. When my stepdaughter, was expecting , I let her know that I packed up some of her dolls for the future. It gave me great pleasure and warmth to send these to her so she could hand them down to her daughter. I, recognize that I would miss these THINGS,if they were lost in a fire or stolen, but that nothing can take away those memories, both good and bad, and they will always be a part of my life and history. I, guess that's why I enjoy going to antique shops, as the THINGS in the shops tell a story and are a part of some one's history. Is there any THING in your household that represents a special time or memory?

Monday, May 24, 2010


Hi! It's Monday, and I decided it was time to introduce Ms.Molly. If you can recall we have 5 babies(dogs) and so far you have meet Mr. Murphy and Ms Missy. Molly was the 2ND. baby we adopted after we got Missy. We found Molly who was a homeless baby pent up in a wire cage. She was being sold at a flea market in Collins ville, Ala. This market is only open on Sat. At this market you can buy produce, jewelry, crafts, household items and of all things , animals, from chickens, turkeys, goats, cats, dogs. I love going to this place, but have to admit it bothers my husband and myself to see the animals. Well, back to my story, we spotted this small dog in a small cage. My husband and I saw her we walked a short distance and turned around and paid $100. for her. We wanted a baby sister for Missy. Oh! how good it felt to give this baby a home. We named her Molly, as once again my mother with her accent had to have a name she could pronounce, and as well we started the requirement to name any other adopted babies with names starting with the letter M, to rhyme with our last name. Molly, wasn't a puppy but a small hairy puff ball with the most bright beautiful brown eyes. Molly and Missy, her sister looked at each other and slowly, the sisterhood began. As sisters, can be they had their share of fights about meals and who was going to sleep with Mommy and Daddy. Molly is a cry baby. She cries when she accidentally stumbles, gets a bath, gets a hair cut. She was a timid and quiet child when she was adopted. After adjustment, Molly, has now a voice, A LOUD VOICE. She has now become 'the leader of the pack". She creates a "BARK A MANIA" SINGING GROUP. Unfortunately, she starts singing anywhere between 2 to 6 a.m..When she starts, all of the 4 other babies join in the "ROCK BARK ALONG". Never know what inspires Molly to begin to get the concert going, maybe food, drink, I, need to go to the potty. This usually happens every night. As parents, you know it's very difficult to ignore your baby crying so down the hall you go. Sleep deprivation can sometimes be a problem. Molly is our"GATE GREETER'. Once she runs to the gate, the 4 other babies are in hot pursuit and join in the welcoming people to our home.Molly, has a compulsive disorder. She will post herself and steadily bark and stay at the barn or elsewhere to hunt down a mouse, rabbit or bird. We sometimes have to bribe her with treats to get her in a different direction. As a parent, you know that this is not the best way to handle your child, but it works. Molly, has a personality change which is good and bad. No matter, we love this addition to our household. When you adopted your baby, babies, where did you locate your child? Did you notice any personality change? Next week, I'll introduce to you another baby who is a part of our family.

Saturday, May 22, 2010


At different times in my blog, I would like to introduce posts referred to as MAMA MILLIE MOMENTS. I will be sharing memories, sad, happy, funny, whatever about MAMA MILLIE, my Mother. We all have those times we can remember about our Mothers. You will get some idea about who my mother was and hear about different times she especially was a true one of a kind. So enough said, MAMA MILLIE'S, birth name is Miroslavka Vosecky,but referred to as MILLIE, as her name was so difficult to pronounce. She was born in Czechoslovakia in 1923. Her parents were poor, the children went to work at an early age,14. Whatever money they made it went to their parents.Mother worked as a maid. Times were tough in Europe, WW II. one day, my uncle brought a soldier to Mother's home. Mother said she saw this soldier, he was 5ft.3 she was 5t. 6. She said she would never care for a man shorter than herself.Well, sometimes, you have to eat your words. One month, after this soldier met Millie, they married, so now DAD is taking his bride to America. Mother spoke no English. Dad, wasn,t into teaching, so while listening to the radio, Mother learned English. No idea of what she was listening. Mother and Dad were poor with very little home items. Mom worked as a maid, made $5 A DAY. Dad worked in a steel mill. I, will never forget THE GOLDEN WHEAT PATTERN. A laundry co. offered different dish items (GOLDEN WHEAT)in various boxes. Mother was determined to complete a full 8 place dinnerware set. Oh! how my sister and I had to purchase the laundry detergent with this dish set, returning a box back to the store if we got the wrong box and we had enough of cups, whatever. We hated to be responsible to add up all of the boxes to complete this most coveted set. To this day, my sister and I will never forget the GOLDEN WHEAT DISH SET. Any time I see this old pattern , I could not but have a chuckle. Times have changed, thank goodness children don,t have to worry about THE GOLDEN WHEAT DISH SET. Do you have a childhood memory of your Mother that pops into your head? Oh! we completed the set, no idea where it went. Look for more MAMA MILLIE MOMENTS in the future. I

Wednesday, May 19, 2010


I am getting old-more time since retirement. Born in a time of no knowledge of computers.My heart and love is working with people and not machinery. Along comes the computer. The battle is waged.This warrior galloping away from fighting the computer. Alas, I lose the battle-time to yield to the enemy. Slowly, bowing down feeling much frustration' Marching forward into that new world of the computer. Step by step, making some progress, mastering the off/on e-mail, Google, Yahoo.Oh! what a new world alot to see and learn. Stepping to the beat. the world of blogging is calling. Head high, fingers nimble the keyboard trying to create and following blogs. Little do I KNOW THAT I'M intrigued by the blog world. Is this a new treasure? I'm DETERMINED TO GO FORWARD, INCH BY INCH TO master this machine to all or almost it's wonders. Oh! be patient with me. I WILL move forward , making mistakes and asking for help. Alas, I'm determined that age won't prevent me in this battle with the computer,I will blog, reach out to other bloggers and not give up in putting my fingers to the computers keyboard and learning as I go. YOU are never too old to learn.

Monday, May 17, 2010


Let me tell you a story. In our lives, we are tested by circumstances. Do we yield to those circumstances or do we grow with them?When we get hurt, or have a misfortune,we have to decide do we sit or move forward? Yesterday, I struggled with the decision not to attend church. I, felt I needed time for myself to reflect about Who I AM, What I want to do with my life since retiring, and prepare for today's direction. Out of tragedy, Good can be found At times, we can't see nor want to see the good we can gain from our losses and hurts. Sunday, my new friend, Shelia and I drove about 45 minutes from our homes to go to a camp. You could hear children laughing. What's so special about this? This was Camp Magik.Camp Magik, was inspired by a woman in Ga. who saw the need to help children who lost a parent or someone else through death. This camp is offered for a weekend, several times during the year. It is supported by a no.of agencies and groups. There is no cost to the families for their child or children to attend. Staff members are a nurse, social workers,Hospice Workers as well as some parents and volunteers. Throughout the weekend, children laugh, cry, talk about their loss of their loved one through death. Children, can be a "hard nut to crack", and keep their grief within themselves. Camp Magik, allows all of the children to have a sense of belonging to an unfortunate yet fortunate group of children and adults with a common issue--DEATH. Children play, make memory books, cry, laugh and share to others. Shelia and I, are volunteers with a local HOSPIC.This Hospice worked in conjunction with Camp Magik to sponsor this weekend event.As we continue to discover who we are and what do we want to do with our lives, we can always try to remember that out of loss, hurt, Good, can can be a reward. Sunday, Shelia and myself, And other adults felt the reward of seeing children and families work toward rebuilding their lives as a result of death . At the end of the day, we didn't feel bad about not going to church as the day spent in this environment was like being in church and doing what was right. For information on Camp Magik go to their website Reflect in looking at your life, has any good evolved from something you felt was challenging, whether because of death, loss of a job, moving to another city?

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Meet Missy

Why own a dog? There's a danger you know, You can't own just one, for the craving will grow. There's no doubt they're addictive, wherein lies the danger. While living with lots, you'll grow poorer and stranger. This statement from some unknown person, must have known our family. Missy is one of 5 dogs(babies) that are part of our household. I, will at some point introduce all of our babies. Missy is the 2nd. baby that I would like to introduce, Mr Murphy has already been exposed. Missy is our oldest baby, and our 1st. Two years after I remarried, we decided to add an addition to our family, a dog. We didn't know what type but that small to medium size.We went to a number of animal shelters within a 100mi. area. Finally, we went to see some puppies and then we found "our first born". We thought about getting her "brother", but at that time we had SENSE. At that time, my Mother was alive and living with us. Mother was from Europe and she had some difficulties saying certain words. She could say MISSY. Missy, is now 10 years old. She is overweight and has a problem with her right leg. Missy is like a mother to our 4 other dogs. At times she plays with them, other times she just ignores them. As a parent, I feel you know what I mean as a parent both of real children and pets. She is very laid back except when it comes to food and barks for nothing. One day, we realize that Missy, will no longer be with us, but in "dogie heaven. We will miss her very deeply.Reflecting back, Missy, is not just a dog , she is family. She brings laughter, smiles, noise and at times frustration to our lives. Whether, you have dogs, cats, horses, etc. we are fortunate to have these God's "treasures". They provide companionship, at times safety from elements,help in work situations, and a means of living independently for disabled adults.They are God's treasures that need love, nurturing, and recognize that they are special.Doyou have any pets?How many?Do you have any special thing you would like to share about your treasure?

Monday, May 10, 2010

The simplicity of Grass

Waking up this morning,the rain falling, made me think, the grass will grow and then what,it needs to be cut. Thinking this over,I thought of all of the wonderful things as well as the negative things about grass. How I love the fresh smell of grass after it's cut ,but hate to rake it. Oh! what a ticklish sensation I get while walking barefooted on the grass. Animals love to run and play in the grass. It's also food for many animals. Watching my husband roll in the grass while playing with the dogs, gives me a chuckle. Watching children, especially my grandchild, running in the grass with wind blowing,faces gleaming,giggles heard as "Catch Me if you Can",between adult and child. If we didn't have grass, my fondest memory of watching my husband rolling in the grass with our 5 dogs, would leave a void. Without grass there would be no longer"a carpet of green" adding extra color to the flowers in bloom. Henry Miller, once was quoted as saying " The moment one gives close attention to anything even a blade of grass, it becomes a mysterious, awesome, indescribably magnificent world in itself."When you are outside or looking through a window,do you ever think about the simplicity of Grass, it's importance to our world?

Saturday, May 8, 2010


All of those months,we started
to become a family.I lived
inside of you,You kept me safe
You nourished my new body
Now, I come into this world,
You nourish my soul My eyes
upon You,recognizing You are
Special,My Mother.THANKS
Rose Molloy

Not flesh of my flesh
Nor bone of my bone
But still miraculously my own
Never forget for a single minute
You didn't grow under my heart
But in it.

Thursday, May 6, 2010


Oh! Lifestyles have changed. Can you imagine having to get firewood to start a fire to cook a meal. The thoughts of having to hand wash ,scrub, hang up clothes on a clothes line or throw over a bush to dry. This makes me tired. Dishes, pots and pans washed in heated up water and hand dried. Storage of perishable food items was a problem using ice to prevent spoilage.Boy! have we come along way. The appliances such as the stove,refrigerator,dishwasher and finally the clothes washer and dryer have become a salvation. I'm not a very good cook and to wait forever to use a pot hung over a fire,of which I would have trouble getting the fire to start makes me frustrated. I have just recently begun to use my electric dishwasher so getting my hands wet doesn't bother me. Last year the refrigerator went out throughout the entire weekend. Every day,I pray because the refrigerator makes "this funny sound". Years ago,my clothes washer died and I Had to go to the Laundromat. I was a GROUCH and impossible to approach. Thank goodness TODAY all of these appliances are working, but I realize that time is creeping up and there will be a "death of the Metal"and I'll go into despair as well as my wallet. I value these pieces of convience, especially the washer/dryer ,yet I would struggle with the "death" of any of these appliances. Oh! have lifestyles changed.Which item in your home do you value the most and would cause you to "go into mourning"?

horses vs goats

Not too long ago, my husband asked me how I felt about letting a neighbor use our back pasture for his horses to graze.I,guess I should have been shocked, but wasn't. I never know what to expect. If it wasn't horses, it would be GOAT,that we needed. After using the tractor, my husband was getting nowhere with keeping this back area of our property cleared. So,Do you get where I'm going with this? We needed horses or a goat to help with my husband's problem. What would you do in this situation a HORSE OR A GOAT? WE now are "foster parents" to not one, but four horses. After they escaped the grazing area (decided to get in our yard), we made the gate stronger to maintain these beautiful animals. Hope none of this happens again in the future. If you can remember that we are not farmers, we don't usually house horses. I, have to admit that I enjoy watching these animals, but don't want to chase them down again, would you? The little boy who lives in the neighboring house asked" DO WE HAVE CHICKENS? My answer "I hope not". Life can be different at the Molloy home, but I have to admit it, it doesn't get boring.

Sunday, May 2, 2010


I'm a little seed,put me in a pot,
add some oil,heat me up,
and then I'll say,
I LOVE POPCORN! Going to the movies, just isn't right unless you have POPCORN.! I LOVE POPCORN! It comes in different flavors and I don't discriminate. Can you smell the inviting scent ? Can you hear the crunchy sound as your teeth makes contact with this delictable item?Does your mouth and stomach taste one of the most enjoyable snacks in the world? I LOVE POPCORN? Do you LOVE POPCORN or are you "sitting on the fence" and considering another snack?

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Mothers Day

Mothers Day will be here soon.Unfortunately, my mother died almost 3 years ago.My mother came from Europe, she was a war bride in the 40's..Mother never felt she was smart I always disagreed. She self taught herself to speak English listening to the radio.Dad didn't take time to teach Mother. When I was born Mother couldn't understand the nurses to know the sex of her baby, so what else could she do but take the blanket off and get a good look to know she had a baby girl. Mother was amazing. She learned and by herself, pulled up the boards and replaced the floor in the bathroom.Mother made alot of crochet items, she self taught herself by looking at pictures.Mother and Dad bought a tavern to help supplement their income. Mother at times had to be a bartender. There were times Mother didn't know how to mix drinks.Mother's solution, have the customer point to the bottle of alcohol and give a few instructions.This worked for Mother. Mother was a great cook and made the best baked goods. She made everything from scratch, no box mixes. Many Xmas's she would bake over 25 doz. of cookies as well as cakes and pies. She had these nut rolls she made and she would use a wooden ruler to measure the exact same size of squares before she put filling in the cookies. I loved her cookies, but don't expect me to make them. When I went through her cookbooks, I would come across safety pins that Mother used to keep a recipe pinned inside the book so she wouldn't lose it. Oh! while I was in college, Mother would send me "care packages". Guess what, I HAD BUNCHES of white pillowcases. Mother would put items in the box and then carefully sew pillowcase around the box instead of using brown wrapping paper. It's great to have these memories of my Mother.Do you have any special memories of your Mother that you would like to share?