Thursday, April 29, 2010

meet my murphy

We have 5 dogs all of them have a name starting with the letter M.They are Missy,Molly,Megan,Murphy,Micki. We named them as their "father" is Irish-true Irish from Ireland. Our last is Molloy. I guess that if we had a last name such as, "GOOGLE" we would have to consider using the letter G. Today, i would like to introduce Mr. Murphy. Murphy is a rescue dog. We knew the 1st. time we saw him,he wasn't shy. While checking him out in the "adoption " room, he gave us a gift of "the wet stuff" as well as the "clump". if you know animals ,you know what I mean. Murphy came home and gave a gift of kennel cough. It's hard keeping the "babies" separated. Murphy has finally learned not to escape the yard. Two trips to the vet for checks after he kept escaping and thank goodness no major injuries. LOVED the total of $500.BILL.Isn't love grand. Murphy has the biggest flirting eyes that everyone wants to take him home. Do you think Murphy has any sense or is he a daredevil?


Here I am going to try to send pics with a post. Unable to do this yesterday, but hope I can do this. Iworked well with people, but machinery is another thing. I'll keep trying. What do you feel you've put off or need to do better at such as I have shared. Hope this works.


How many of us are proud of our homes?As mentioned in my blog profile,I became a widow at age 42. I remarried 13 years ago,to a man who also lost his spouse. When we married, we lived in the house that I owned with the idea of us finding a home that we both felt would be "OUR HOME". My husband and I love older established homes with some yard space.We came across a house that was atleast 70 to 80 years old. Throughout the years, the previous owners kept adding rooms as a result the house is big 2200 sq. feet. We have 4 acres as this property had been a family farm. It's a good thing that my husband grew up on a farm in Ireland. Since our move, we have increased from having 2 dogs to 5 dogs. Are we crazy? At times, it can be wild with the barking and howling. We have an old red barn that is the same age as is the house. It looks rough as the back walls are decaying with time. My husband, is slowly trying to give the barn"some youth",don't know if it will get totally repaired. We have alot of work ,we have high ceilings with cracks in the walls in some of the rooms that need repair. The plumbing has a combination of different pipe materials depending when work was added or fixed. With any old home there would be a miracle if we didn't have repair issues. In all of this, we love our home. It's our home where my stepdaughter, shannon,introduced Michael to us as a future son in law. It's our home with family pictures scattered throughout our home.Pictures of Shannon, Michael, and little molly, our grandchild are displayed. It's our home where my mother lived and died while being under the care of Hospice.the important thing is that our home is where love, laughter, tears and special memorys for us as we were stll growing together as a couple/family after our spouses deaths. We know in the future, we will move to be closer to our family but we will always love "Our Home"in our hearts and memorys.In looking back, WHAT MAKES A HOUSE A HOME?

Monday, April 26, 2010


Friendships to me are one of the most valuable treasures in life. You have to believe that people are important and that it is a need that you have. Some people stay away from these relationships. They fear being hurt, lack of trust in another person,loosing some control, not confident in relating and expressing to people.Iknow that I would feel an EMPTYNESS in my life without having friends. as a child, I had a few friends. As i got older,I became less guarded and learned a number of things about friendships. SOMETIMES i would have to reach out vs waiting for someone to reach out to start a conversation let alone work on developing,and creating relationships that i considered as friends. I think we all have people that we see as an acquaintance, but not necessarlly seen as a friend. Friends come in all sizes,different social,racial,religious,economical and beliefs. to be a true friend means being there for each other in bad vs good times. willingness to accept that it's ok to have different viewpoints about issues. being willing to be honest,but not cruel when sharing concerns or different opinions. the amount of friends is not as important as the depth,compassion,honesty,for another person even it's just one person. Today, I shared a cup of hot tea with terry, who i consider to be a friend. we talked about her father's recent death ,last week. She usually hates to show tears or any other emotions especially anger and apologizes for having shown some of these emotions. we both have lost our parents. the arms of comfort were extended as well as honest love and concern to my friend as she has done so for me with my loss of my 1st. husband and both of my parents. as you are reading this post, do you have a special person you title as a friend. how do you maintain that relationship, and feel it's true?

Friday, April 23, 2010

3 Things

This evening a young friend of mine asked this question--If you returned to your home after going to the movies, and there was a house fire,What would you not want to be destroyed in the fire? we have 5 dogs and they are like our children. When we leave the house,we bed them down in the kitchen. They are small and we have plenty of room for them,we wouldn't leave them alone outside. they are "our babies". we would have an emptiness in our hearts if they died.Both of my parents are deceased. At xmas when I was a freshman in college, my parents gave me a blue sapphire ring. my parents didn't have much money and had to save up to buy this ring. I wear this ring on special next item would be pictures i have of family,friends, and our dogs. My friend said that her dog, Anna, was her child/family. next she would want to save a special necklace her father gave to her on her birthday. the last item would be pictures of her dog, Anna and her father. My friend is 24. Her father died last April due to cancer. She has no family and my husband and myself are "adopted family". Anna, her dog gives her love and companionship as does this young woman. What 3 Things would you want to be saved from the fire?

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

toll free calls-being on hold

while glancing at the tv i came upon a web site that i thought i would share with others. the web site is how often do you try a toll free no. to reach a company rep and it seems it takes forever to get to a human body to deal with an issue. it seems that all we have is"machine produced voices"that keep transferring your call , while we listen to background music,and wait forever to locate a person.this web site will help to cute down time and frustration while trying these needed phone calls. check it out, may be of somehelp.

Friday, April 16, 2010

my name is rose or my husband calls me rosie. i'm 60 years old and i'm just not very good with using the computer, let alone starting a blog. bear with me as i am apt to make mistakes or not understand the abilities the computer has vs myself. i'm a late bloomer, but willing to move forward in the world of machinery. oh! did i tell you that i've got cell phone that i still haven't mastered. i've always believed that it's better to go forward rather than standstill--not learn new things, experiences.recently,i went to texas to visit my family. my stepdaughter is a GEM.Shannon,patiently helped me to create this blog as well as took time to hightlight my hair with red tint. i look better,haven't colored my hair since my college days. i won,t tell you when i graduated. time marches on and it's a whole new world. my stepdaughter is and will always be in my life and heart. looking back,i never thought that i would have remarried after my 1st husband died in a car crash. i, now have shannon,michael,molly,my grandchild whom i love and wish that texas wasn't so far away from georgia. oh!i have a husband who is from ireland. gerry, makes me laugh, cry,and never know what he will do as he is an inventor as well doesn,t always follow the crowd, but goes on his beat to the music.i've lost in life as well as gained in life. appreciate the people we know as well adventures into new worlds,ect.machinery,style change,major life changes such as death and moving forward. enjoy and learn what life can bring us as we travel forward.