Friday, January 28, 2011


I have to admit that I don't have extensive knowledge about art. Rarely do I know one artist from another. My favorite art/pictures/photos are depicting people as in a portrait or being involved in some activity. During the past year I have started a collection of pictures of children and began to hang these in a grouping in my hallway. Throughout my work history, I have worked with children, from infancy through teen years. Children face good and bad times and we adults should be positive role models. Unfortunately not all adults teach children positive values. Looking at images of children there are possible indications of innocence, playfulness and simplicity. There are also those images that depict strife and sadness. Looking at a picture, I often wonder what story is behind a child's image. The "children gallery"reminds me of the love we should have for a child. Over two years ago, we were blessed with a granddaughter, "ms. pumpkin"(nickname).Our granddaughter is fortunate as she has alot of people who love her. Although, "ms.pumpkin" lives in another state her parents take alot of pictures of her as well as we usually talk with her on the telephone weekly. I know it's great being a parent, but Boy! being a grandparent, is SUPER. If you are a grandparent, you will understand what I mean. Enjoy my collection as well as my PRIZE photo of "ms. pumpkin". Out of curiosity, do you have a collection /gallery of pictures/photos/art that is special or has some significance?

Friday, January 21, 2011



THE TRAIN is traveling, making trips and stops,
where will it finally rest?
It's easy to get wrapped on a trip,that you
missed the joy of the beginning.

It's time to get back on the track,
travel at a slower pace,
say HELLO, to ALL who passes my way.


Like a train, I feel that it's time to stop, take time to get back to
blogging,checking in and saying Hello.I hope everyone had a great Christmas. We had snow on Christmas Day in Ga. It was beautiful. New Years was quiet, but safe.Busy with family, friends, volunteering. My goal of this 2011, is weight reduction, increase volunteering, enjoying life with all it's ups and downs. For those of you who know, we are the parents of 5 babies(dogs), we now have adopted a new baby(dog), her name is Mattie. I'm a sucker and after hearing that her owner had died and this dog needed a home we introduced her to her new 5 siblings. All has gone well, and we named our new baby, Mattie. All of our babies have names starting with the letter M. as our last name starts with M.When I was a young child I had a severe fear of dogs. Up until age 8, I would run, jump on items, including making my parents hold me if a dog was insight. Mother and Dad bought a Chihuahua and after jumping on the kitchen table, I worked on my fear and thank goodness no longer had to jump onto our table. Dog fear solved,so what can I say, my parents did a great job in helping me. Hopefully, I will come to my senses and my husband and myself will keep our family number the same, now 6. Bear with me to get to your blogs,bear with me if my posts sometimes experience a "time lapse". I have been having problems with photos, but will try to include some photos.