Thursday, September 30, 2010

A Gift

A smile, a hug, a "thank you", a hand shake, these are some of the gifts that we can give to others and may get back in return. Giving doesn't mean that we have to give an object or money to someone. Giving of oneself, such as a hug to comfort a person who is distraught,Hugging someone who needs to be reminded that they are special and warm thoughts are sent their way. Thanking a person who took his time in helping a stranger to obtain directions to a specific location. It's easy for us to say, "I have nothing to give". We sometimes forget to take time and give the gift of ourselves. Weekly, our Community Kitchen provides free lunches to any person who walks through the door. Volunteers start at 8 a.m. to chop, wash produce or any other task to have lunch prepared to serve at 11a.m. as people come to the Community Kitchen. Those who walk through those doors are adults, young and old, as well as children. All of these people have one thing in common, they are hungry and have limited income or no income . There is no income requirement to receive a meal. Some of these individuals come to the Kitchen every day a meal is served. The gift a volunteer gives besides a meal, maybe a warm "Hello,how are you?", giving comfort and advice, sharing a laugh,a smile, or a hug. Reaching out to show acceptance with dignity. The volunteers in turn may receive a "Thank you", a hand shake, the warmth that you feel in your heart that makes you beam and smile and know this is a right thing to do and not a wrong thing to do. If only, we would just slow down and remember that the gift of ourselves is the most important gift we can offer to anyone, whether poor or not.
to say thank you

It takes so little.
Yet it means so much.
Make the effort.
No matter the effort.
Mean it.
Say it generously.
It lifts spirits
It maintains friendships.
And seals love.

"who gives not thanks to men, gives not thanks to God".
Arab proverb

to be compassionate

No matter how successful.
No matter how well you're traveling.
Be open to those who are struggling.
It's amazing what even a small gesture can do
for their confidence
and your soul.

"When kindness has left people, even for a few moments, we
become afraid of them as if their reason had left them".

Willa Cather


  1. This is so true. Everyword. My fear is rejection but I have been reaching out to people, if I get rejected it is not going to hurt me because I reached out. Lovely post, Rose.

  2. You always have such kind words here. It's a pleasure to visit you!

  3. You are so right, Rose. There are so many simple ways we can show kindness to someone else. A simple phone call --or email --or card can help so much. I have some blog friends really struggling right now with life and death health issues ---and I am trying to do little things to let them know that I'm thinking about them. That is just so important for them--and for me. Little random acts of kindness are very special...

  4. So you are one of the volunteers at this place? How wonderful! Yes, lots of people think they have nothing to give, or maybe it's just an excuse for doing nothing. But one of the greatest gifts is the gift of our time, that can never be replaced like money or material things!!

  5. Beautiful post, Rose!
    So very positive and so true!
    thank you!

  6. Great post, Rose.
    Kindness is so important!

  7. So very true. I, for one, appreciate the work that you do to help so many others!


  8. So apt a post Rose. Kindness and civility is lacking everywhere.

  9. I agree, giving of oneself is the best gift of all. I enjoyed this post :) and I enjoy your blog friendship, too. Have a great weekend. Kathy

  10. I loved reading's very inspirational and giving!! You are so sweet....and I also read about your visitors to your porch and the poop. LOL....lesson learned and heeded!!!

  11. It's amazing how the simplest of sentences..just short words put together...I love you..Thanks so much...I'm sorry...I forgive you...can change the most complex of situations. Great post Rose...Thanks!

  12. I just read a post today on the 2 most important words in the english language. Thank you. You've reminded me that there is another unspoken word that is equally important - a smile. Thank you!

  13. came via ginny's site.

    I just spent two days volunteering in providing refreshment at the Willow Creek Global leadership Summit.

    As I blog, memories flow back when I volunteered to serve soup and dinner at the City Mission 30 years. I feel now quite hypocritical that I didn't mind dishing out soup, I felt reluctant to shake their grubby unwashed hands.

    I just did a post on the Homeless in New Zealand.

  14. It is amazing how much it can lift your spirits to be met with simple courtesy.

  15. Hi Rose: What a wonderful post. It is a lesson we can all use reminding of. Have a wonderful week. Blessings, Martha

  16. Great post! Loved it!
    Yesterday as I was finishing with the groceries I turned to head to the cart bin and the woman next to me was just finishing too. I motioned to let me take her basket and the look on her face was all that was needed to make me smile. She was very grateful and I loved it.

  17. This post is so true. I have always felt that way. I thank my husband for the smallest or the biggest thing he does for me and he has never been used to that. I will be 81 Nov. 16th. I have bee shaky for many years but has deteriorated a lot since I was about 75.

  18. Wonderful post, Rose! It's a great reminder of how meaningful the simple gift of kindness to others can be.

  19. I did so enjoy reading and reflecting on this post... we all have something to give true

  20. So true, a little niceness can go a long way!

  21. I looked for an email address. I thought I had one for you. But I wanted to tell you thank you for your prayers and kind words the past couple of months for Chris and our family.
    I also thought that I already followed you, but I do now.
    Have a blessed day!!!

  22. What a lovely post! It would a more pleasant world if we all did this everyday! Have a wonderful Sunday :)
    Hugs, Lisa