Sunday, May 30, 2010


Tomorrow, is the official day we celebrate MEMORIAL Day. The day where we give more recognition to those military men and women who have died and served this country . We also recognize those who are currently serve this country. We,should always remind ourselves to pray for those who died, suffered injuries in war, those who are currently fighting in war zones ,those who are maintaining peace in different parts of the world, and those military officers who have the burden to make decisions that may mean life or death.My first husband served in Viet Nam. He was in the Air Force for 13 years. My father, was a WW If we look back, I feel that there is someone in our family history that was in the military.In this post, I have included photos that I took at Myrtle Hill Cemetery, the oldest cemetery in my area. In walking through this cemetery, it's hard not to think about how the lives of these veterans were affected by their time served in the military. I. know that neither my husband nor my father ever discussed their military experiences. They served this country and expected nothing in return except peace for people in this world. I, thank them for this.

Their names Known,
Their names Not Known,
into battle they silently move not wanting to be heard.
Eyes to the front, eyes to the right, eyes to the left,
searching for the enemy.
Rifles armed, aimed, shots fired.
In the distance, a body falls, the enemy.
I, know not his name, but I must move on
to the next before he kills me.
Oh! why do we have to have war?
Why, can't people take time to listen, understand, and
compromise without bloodshed?
Rose M.

I, visited my friend today.
He, no longer laughs, smiles, breathes.
He, is one of those many who have served this
country in the military.
His bed, is but a cold place in the ground.
He is sadly missed.
They say of him,"he served this country,he was brave"
Why do we have to have soldiers, why can't freedom always be
a part of life?
Let us not forget this friend who served for freedom.

Rose M.

Rose M.


  1. I've enjoyed reading about the memories you're sharing on your blog. Thanks for stopping by my blog (Dear Angelene). I stopped blogging momentarily to get books on how to do it -- so chuckled at your pic of "Blogging for Dummies." I'm waiting for Amazon to deliver my books to me -- I liked the finished product of my posts, but it was overwhelming to get there. After learning what's in the books I've ordered, maybe it will be manageable -- but you're doing a fantastic job!!

  2. Rose, I sure hope you have a good Memorial day tomorrow. I sure am glad to be living in the USA and am thankful to all our soldiers. sandie

  3. I can hardly hear our national anthem and not tear Dad served in WWII and my 2 older brothers served in Vietnam (at the same time)We are so thankful they all returned home safely and so grateful for all who serve and have served. Lovely poems! Have a good Memorial Day Rose.

  4. So many suffered so we would not have to suffer...but if we suffer, let it be so that those coming after us will not have to suffer.

  5. I'm actually a Canadian...but Happy Memorial day to you anyways! I'm always thankful for our military as well.. Great poems.....

  6. Happy Memorial Day to you too!! Thank you for stopping by ~ looking forward to catching up on some more of your posts!

  7. Love the poetry Rose, what a lovely way to capture your sentiments and share them. Myrtle Hill looks like a beautiful and meaningful place- thanks for the photos:)


  8. Great post, Rose. We always need to remember the ones that serve our country as well as the ones that have served. Hope your weekend is going super!

  9. A wonderful and touching tribute Rose! thank you for sharing it with us.

    Have a terrific day!