Sunday, October 3, 2010

Our Dogs-Our babies

For those who may or may not know, my husband and I have 5 dogs which we consider as "our babies". They are Missy, Molly, Murphy, Megan, Micki. There is no doubt that we are dog lovers. Recently, I had taken some photos and will include them in my post. All of our babies have different personalities, we love them. Missy is the oldest dog, grey Schnauzer, she is has alot of patience,Molly, a rescue part Schnauzer and who knows,she is timid at first and warms up to people, Murphy, a rescue dog, mostly, Pekingese and who knows what, Megan, a rat terrier,who is very hyper and easily frightened, Micki, a wired haired Jack Russell, who is our "wild man". Our dogs are an important to us. I,know that not everyone wants a pet or might not be a dog lover. Hope you enjoy our newest photos.


Joy, frustration,sadness,can come any day.
What is there to say?
Running, chewing, barking,it's bound to happen;
Be prepared, this dog,is dropping "pellets of stink,"
Making you want to think.
Oh! Have I made the right decision or is it too late?
My heart is taken
It's way too late.

As years go by,
The dog moves his body, tired and worn.
With a last breath,He, closes his eyes;
We say our good byes.

To have or not to have a dog,I wouldn't lie;
Alot of work, alot of love;
Although, He's gone, give me a dog to love.

Pictures:Missy our oldest won't sleep in her bed
Megan not wanting to share her toy."It's my toy".
Megan sitting at the table. "I'm not leaving, feed me".
Molly at the dogie door. "Help! I, forgot how to open the door".
All the beds. "Which bed is mine"?
Missy with daddy on the floor. "Daddy,"I, need a hug".
Dogs in jeep. "Daddy, take us for a ride".
Dogs at gate."Daddy, come home".
Murphy on couch. "I, need to take a nap, I've worked too hard".
Ol'Roy Dog Treats. "You've (all dogs) finished this bag in 3 days
and "NO', you can't have any before supper".
Broom-"I, can't keep the floor clean with all of these paws".
Murphy with blanket." It's my blankie".
Molly standing alone."I, think I need a bath".
Dogs under truck."WE, don't want to go to our bedroom".
Micki at gate with the "crew"."Let's break out!".


  1. So good to see my sisters and brothers You guys do have the sweetest babies though!

  2. You have cute babies:) Sorry I haven't been too blog active lately--so many things getting in the way-but can't be helped!!:)

  3. We have been out of the pet business for a few years now. Although I'm a dog lover and sometimes miss having one, I really don't want another one. I may change my mind someday but right now just don't want the added responsibility. Your 5 M's are precious though!

  4. Aww....they are all so precious. You know how I feel about my Skye, she is my life!

  5. What adorable pictures, yes dogs all do have different personalities just like people do! I have heard the Jack Russels have the most energy of any breed. Friends of ours had one and he even chewed a hole through the wall!! Perhaps yours all keep each other evenly balanced and are all playmates with each other.

  6. Wow! I don't think I knew you had 5 doggies! What sweeties! And what a wonderful poem you wrote, Rose! Thanks for sharing with us!

  7. I love the saying in the front door that dogs leaves footprints in our hearts. Its really true. They are not just man's best friend but loyal companion. You have lots of wonderful babies Ms. Rose. so cute and cuddly.

  8. I love the pictures of your dogs! What a great lookin' bunch! Gunny the GSD sends his kind regards to your five!


  9. Love the "M" names. My kids are Megan, Michael, and Makayla.

  10. Glad to meet your babies, Rose... Dog lovers are the BEST people in the world.... I have only had two pets in my life... I had a cat in high school and a dog (Cocker Spaniel) for 15 yrs. I was so attached to Duchess --and thought I would die when she died. We don't have any pets now because we travel alot.. But someday, we may!!!!! I love dogs too--as long as they are not those little yappy dogs.

  11. enjoyed your post and thank you for sharing your beautiful babies!

  12. I love your babies too - I love the way they are all named with a name beginning with an M!


  13. Five dogs! I admire you - pets are even more work than children. Loved the pics.

  14. I enjoyed seeing this pictures very much. Pets bring a lot of joy into our lives!

  15. Right now we have three cats that consider us theirs. I try my best to follow their rules. They are fairly accomodating with our failures but sometimes they have to let us know that we have slacked off in our duties. I do hope they keep us.
    Your friends look bright and happy and I hope they all get along with each other.

  16. I hope the day never comes when I don't have a pet of one kind or another. We used to have five dogs, four cats, three horses, three cockatiels, a parakeet, and a crippled grackle. It was crazy and I loved every minute of it! We're now down to three dogs, who are absolutely family. Our little sign says 'Many spoiled dogs live here'!

    Your pack is awesome, and I know they enjoy their life with you as much as you enjoy yours with them. I always enjoy seeing what part pets play in others lives, and I'm glad to know that I'm not the only one who makes up animal conversation, or who has toys and beds scattered all over the house! (My favorite kind of movies are ones where animals 'talk', like Beverly Hills Chihuahua, Up, and Good Boy).

  17. Tried to post yesterday and the server kept saying "error" I'll try again! I don't think I could handle 5 doggies, but I do enjoy Eddy and when he moves with my son next year I will miss him, but doubt I'll bring another home. Yours are very cute and I enjoy reading about their adventures and again I say how lucky they are to have such good parents!

  18. Beautiful babies, Rose!! So glad to know more dog lovers!! We lost our dog almost a year ago, but still have 'custody' of my oldest son's dog, Ms. Pickles! I love that do so much!! I'm going to get another 'rescue' dog after she leaves with my son next summer. :-)

    Great pictures, Rose!
    Blessings & Big Hug,

  19. They are all soo cute!
    I have always enjoyed learning the personalities of my dogs and they still manage to surprise me every now and then. They are sometimes the glue to my sanity and then sometimes the string to my insanity.

  20. Your babies are so cute! I'm sure there is lots of excitement with all of them around like that all the time. I've never had that many dogs at one time so I have no idea what that is like. I have 2 dogs right now. That is neat how they are all named with the letter M.

    Have a Great Day!