Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Let It Go, Cry

A letter to God

Dear God,
I, woke up this morning and had you on my mind. I thought I'd write you a letter. You know, I have a problem showing how I feel. I, try to be tough and let everyone think I don't breakdown and become a spectacle of myself.Lately, I've been rethinking about this and maybe I was wrong. It's tough being strong for others avoiding my own hurts, joys and letting someone see me show other emotions which make me uncomfortable. It gets lonely. I thought about times when I saw friends and strangers let loose. Letting loose, showing that crying is no so bad. It doesn't mean that a person is weak if they cry. I, with your help want to let loose at times and not be afraid to show myself . Why shouldn't people "cry for happy"?"Cry for Happy", when we receive a card from a friend telling us that they appreciate our friendship. "Cry for Happy", seeing the face of your first born grandchild. "Cry for Happy", when told a friend doesn't have cancer. "Cry for Happy", doesn't mean we are weak. Getting a special warm, loving feeling of joy that makes you so happy that tears of joy suddenly wet your cheeks. God, I, know that there's "Cry for Sad".This I don't feel comfortable and need more strength to let me to let loose. Who wants to feel sad and cry, let's pretend nothing bothers us. It gets lonely. Crying when all of the money a person has won't pay all of the bills, asking for help. How not to get upset and cry when your relative dies and you are the relative appointed to handle the will. To be in control. I'm tired and need to go a different path. I, know you are always here for me in good and bad times. I, guess I need to really accept that I hurt and cry and not go into a corner to hide from people when I can't handle everything thrown at me. How can I give comfort to others when I don't accept comfort and allow myself to cry?Please God, help me to show my true self who isn't weak if I cry.

Your follower.

to cry

Sometimes it catches you unawares,
tears welling up without warning.
No matter how long ago,
if you have sadness and grief locked away
it will eat away at you.
Let it out.
Release it.

"We need never be ashamed of our tears".
Charles Dickens

Has there been a time that you held back the tears when you needed to let loose?


  1. Yes, Rose. In answer to your question. There have been time when I held in my emotions and that only builds anger and if you don't release it, it will make you bitter and destroy you
    crying is good for you. There is a chemical release that happens when you cry. I don't know the details for I'm not an expert in this field but I've heard about it.

    thank you for posting and I agree 'let it out'

    take care

  2. Oh my goodness, Rose! This letter to God could have been written by me as well...I have so much trouble letting go and showing my inner feelings. I always think I have to be "stoic". I tend to avoid situations that cause me to show my vulnerable side, and I feel weak when I cry. I hope that you and I both can learn to let go and let it out. As always, I treasure your friendship, and appreciate your visits to my blog...Until next time, Kathy

  3. I've gotten more mushy as I've gotten older. Plus, life is more about goodbyes when we age, than hellos. That can bring on the waterworks! So although I'm not crying daily, I'm not ashamed to let the tears cleanse when needed. Sometimes I do laugh until I cry...that is really healing! I find that many more things make me shake my head and laugh now than when I was younger! I have a good friend who always would cry when she gave a talk in church. One Sunday my boys asked why she cried black tears? I explained about mascara...So Rose, go ahead and let the tears come if they are needed. The happy ones and the sad.

  4. I agree with Charles Dickens. :)

  5. Yes the letter could be me also. I do have trouble letting go, showing my troubles. I love the quote from Dickens also!

  6. Hi Rose, Sending a heartfelt hug to you today. I hope that your friendships with bloggers bring you comfort and that you will call on any of us if you need a shoulder to cry on. It's amazing how God brought us all together to love and support thru happy and sad times.

  7. Crying is healthy, Rose.... I can cry these days at the drop of a hat... I can read something and cry. I can watch something on TV and cry.... I'm just a cry-baby.... Guess that is a good thing though---since it helps let out the deep emotions in us... I can also laugh loudly and often... That is as healthy as crying.... I guess the key is to get the emotions OUT....

    Take care of yourself.

  8. My goodness, it takes a lot of mental energy to hold back when we need to cry. Energy we can't afford to lose in times of stress. They ran tests on tears, and there are different chemicals in sad tears than in happy tears. The sad tears have harmful chemicals in them that we need to get rid of.

  9. Yes, I sure have held by tears. I have always preferred to cry in private. That's just the way I am.

    Have a Great Day!

  10. I love your letter to God. And yes I've cried when I shouldn't have, I've not cried when I should have. I've even wailed once - when my brother died - much different then just crying. Tears cleanse the soul.

    God Bless,

  11. i usually cry in private but there have been times where i have held it in so long that it comes out in front of everyone and thats not good

    have a wonderful day! :)

  12. I thank you for this lovely, human piece, Rose. I have definitely held back tears when in the midst of people I couldn't trust (relatives) - at times when it would've been totally appropriate to cry but I wasn't safe doing so. Naomi Levy wrote about how beautiful people are when they cry (in her book, To Begin Again). I love that concept. It is the most beautiful, authentic expression of our humanness.

  13. Crying is a good thing and nothing to feel ashamed of or weak over. Many cyber hugs to you!


  14. Bless you for sharing a message that is okay to cry!

  15. Enjoyed your letter to GOD!..great reading.

    Thanks for visiting LazyonLoblolly!
    Your comment is so appreciated!

  16. Has there been a time that you held back the tears when you needed to let loose?

    Yes! To many times. :-(

  17. Thank you for a great story and reminder of not be shamed to cry. I have no problem with tears. I get so involved in reading a book, have to stop for crying right along with them.

  18. I have always found it hard to let my feeling so in front of people. I will usually walk away to let loose in private. Except for movies or tv shows! Weird, I know.

  19. Oh Rose, your letter to God is probably what most of us feel. I think you are way more "normal" than you feel or give yourself credit for. You are a caring, loving person who should never be afraid to show how you feel at anytime to anyone. I think you are great!!! I think crying is a good thing, Char

  20. Rose, this is a great post. I cry, sometimes it helps when you have something on your mind or when I look at my son's picture who passed away nearly 11 years ago, and other times I smile at things he and I shared.Your letter to god was just what I needed.

  21. Rose, what a wonderful post. I've never had a problem with crying for happy OR sad. I used to be shy and have a problem with anger...not being able to show it, or tell people they hurt me or whatever. But the tears...No, they came easily..and still do! I hope you begin to let your tears flow easily, too.

  22. many hugs, dear rose, many hugs. writing w/cast on broken wrist (dancing)! so please excuse. tears have saved my sanity, i am certain. niagara falls is just behind my eyes, and every now and then, i have to let it rip! as a child i was not allowed to cry and i have been making up for it for years....tears are healing and they bring strength. embrace them as your best friends. i want to write a poem about them now and when in i do, i will dedicate it to you..............cj

  23. Great post Rose. I tend to hold back and act tough too, but I know it's not good to push it all down. Thanks for sharing this.

  24. Whether good or bad, I can't say I've ever held back tears when I feel like crying. I tend to be very emotional and can tear up at a TV commercial! I have never been one to be able to hold my feelings know if I'm happy, sad, mad, or anything else. There have definitely been times I probably should have tried to hide my emotions but for me it's pretty much impossible! Lovely post, Rose!

  25. You sound a lot like me. I'm learning too that how can I give comfort if I'm unwilling to accept it and put myself out there - knowing I'm not week. But for me it's easier said than done at the moment. Great got me thinking of stuff. Thanks.

  26. This is beautiful,Rose. Thanks for sharing your heart.

    I cry ALOT!!! I am overly sentimental and emotional. (I can't even watch most episodes of Little House on the Prairie without being touched and crying).

    Unfortunately, as I have cried millions of tears during my long battle with fertility issues, I have often been condemned for crying. Sadly, it has been my Christian friends that have condemned...they have told me to "get over it" more times than I can count. Far too often, it seems that when a Christian cries over a situation that has broken his/her heart, he is deemed as not trusting God.

    I have seen people cry over broken marriages, and insensitive friends just tell them, "Just trust God." Crying when you are hurting over something does NOT mean you don't trust God.

    In short, I have learned to try to hide my tears in public for fear of condemnation.