Sunday, June 13, 2010


whenever I think of one of the most unique features in nature, it's God gift of trees. I, believe that trees have personalities. The weeping willow, it's limbs so limp touching toward the ground as if it were wearing a long flowing gown. The cherry tree, with it's beautiful pink blossoms that invite eyes to gaze upon it's it's remarkable color and petals. The old oak tree, strong, towering over all other trees. The seasons change. Fall brings leaves that once were green now are brown, orange, and red on many of the trees. Fruit trees becoming empty of apples, pears. Slowly the leaves fall to the ground. Sounds made as footsteps bear weight on the leaves. The trees looking so different from warmer times. The once full bodied trees are looking empty and sad. A quietness is noticed as winter has arrived. Oh! come soon, Spring, Spring to bring warmth so that buds begin to appear and more noticeable life is awakening with God's gift of TREES.

It sways back and forth as the wind makes it's presence noted.

Slowly the wind dies, the trees become stationary.

Squirrels, run up and down it's body,

Birds fly back and forth to pick a safe place to build a nest for

their babies among the tree limbs. Eventually,

the sound of baby birds is heard and they add an excitement to

to those who hear and behold this new life.

Oh! how I love trees.

What part on nature do you see as God's gift to you? There is so much, it's not always easy to choose and why?



  1. Hey Rose!

    I love all of the changes that trees go through. I do get a little depressed if they are bare naked for too long though! I feel that the Lord is with me when I get to see different kinds of animals that are wild. To me being able to see those magnificant creatures that God made is one of the many ways that he shows me that he loves me.

    Have a Great Day!

  2. angela thanks for your comment.I think it's important not take nature which includes for granted. unfortunately, it seems that progress means getting rid of trees

  3. I have a BIG love for our trees here at the Pines...they feel like a big hug when you drive through the driveway and they surround you everywhere..I know they provide shelter for all the birds and other wildlife here and also protect us from too much wind. I love how even the weeds can be beautiful in nature. We try so hard to get our gardens to grow, stay pest free, and look lovely...then I spy flowering foliage in the woods and even in the ditches along the road and think maybe I just try too hard!

  4. I love trees too, but it's so dry here, you only see them in people's yards. I love so much of nature... I love rocks, and animals, and old pieces of twisted wood. God shows me so much in so many things that He has created!

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  6. Hi, Rose. Thanks for your comment. I also have a great view of my garden from my kitchen window. It makes dish washing enjoyable as I am able to see the wonders of creation. Have a blessed day. Gloria

  7. I love trees too. My favorite ones are oaks and pines. I love walking in coniferous forests; the smell is so nice there.