Saturday, May 1, 2010

Mothers Day

Mothers Day will be here soon.Unfortunately, my mother died almost 3 years ago.My mother came from Europe, she was a war bride in the 40's..Mother never felt she was smart I always disagreed. She self taught herself to speak English listening to the radio.Dad didn't take time to teach Mother. When I was born Mother couldn't understand the nurses to know the sex of her baby, so what else could she do but take the blanket off and get a good look to know she had a baby girl. Mother was amazing. She learned and by herself, pulled up the boards and replaced the floor in the bathroom.Mother made alot of crochet items, she self taught herself by looking at pictures.Mother and Dad bought a tavern to help supplement their income. Mother at times had to be a bartender. There were times Mother didn't know how to mix drinks.Mother's solution, have the customer point to the bottle of alcohol and give a few instructions.This worked for Mother. Mother was a great cook and made the best baked goods. She made everything from scratch, no box mixes. Many Xmas's she would bake over 25 doz. of cookies as well as cakes and pies. She had these nut rolls she made and she would use a wooden ruler to measure the exact same size of squares before she put filling in the cookies. I loved her cookies, but don't expect me to make them. When I went through her cookbooks, I would come across safety pins that Mother used to keep a recipe pinned inside the book so she wouldn't lose it. Oh! while I was in college, Mother would send me "care packages". Guess what, I HAD BUNCHES of white pillowcases. Mother would put items in the box and then carefully sew pillowcase around the box instead of using brown wrapping paper. It's great to have these memories of my Mother.Do you have any special memories of your Mother that you would like to share?


  1. You had an AMAZING mom! She would be so proud of you- you are such a great testament to the values she and your daddy raised you with. I wish you would make her cookies though!! Haha!! Love you and thinking about you- hugs:)

  2. love you to Shannon. Sorry about the cookies

  3. It sounds like your mom was a loving, ingenious, motivator. I'm sure you miss her. I love reading the writings of so many bloggers from all over the world. Horses in your backyard? I had to chuckle at that one. My dad always kept a cow in the back yard...even when we lived in Houston. We had fresh milk that way.