Thursday, May 6, 2010


Oh! Lifestyles have changed. Can you imagine having to get firewood to start a fire to cook a meal. The thoughts of having to hand wash ,scrub, hang up clothes on a clothes line or throw over a bush to dry. This makes me tired. Dishes, pots and pans washed in heated up water and hand dried. Storage of perishable food items was a problem using ice to prevent spoilage.Boy! have we come along way. The appliances such as the stove,refrigerator,dishwasher and finally the clothes washer and dryer have become a salvation. I'm not a very good cook and to wait forever to use a pot hung over a fire,of which I would have trouble getting the fire to start makes me frustrated. I have just recently begun to use my electric dishwasher so getting my hands wet doesn't bother me. Last year the refrigerator went out throughout the entire weekend. Every day,I pray because the refrigerator makes "this funny sound". Years ago,my clothes washer died and I Had to go to the Laundromat. I was a GROUCH and impossible to approach. Thank goodness TODAY all of these appliances are working, but I realize that time is creeping up and there will be a "death of the Metal"and I'll go into despair as well as my wallet. I value these pieces of convience, especially the washer/dryer ,yet I would struggle with the "death" of any of these appliances. Oh! have lifestyles changed.Which item in your home do you value the most and would cause you to "go into mourning"?

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  1. I think my refrigerator would be the most important appliance to me, although I love them all, and would not want to be without any of them! :)