Thursday, April 29, 2010

meet my murphy

We have 5 dogs all of them have a name starting with the letter M.They are Missy,Molly,Megan,Murphy,Micki. We named them as their "father" is Irish-true Irish from Ireland. Our last is Molloy. I guess that if we had a last name such as, "GOOGLE" we would have to consider using the letter G. Today, i would like to introduce Mr. Murphy. Murphy is a rescue dog. We knew the 1st. time we saw him,he wasn't shy. While checking him out in the "adoption " room, he gave us a gift of "the wet stuff" as well as the "clump". if you know animals ,you know what I mean. Murphy came home and gave a gift of kennel cough. It's hard keeping the "babies" separated. Murphy has finally learned not to escape the yard. Two trips to the vet for checks after he kept escaping and thank goodness no major injuries. LOVED the total of $500.BILL.Isn't love grand. Murphy has the biggest flirting eyes that everyone wants to take him home. Do you think Murphy has any sense or is he a daredevil?


  1. Litle Murphy is SO cute!! Love it! You have an adorable doggy there:)

  2. Iris is still dealing with her kennel cough. Supposedly it lasts one to two weeks, so we should be at least halfway through it.

  3. Murphy sounds like a "Houdini" type... Some animals are like that! We've had Houdini dogs, goats and horses. The average animal isn't to bad, but there are always a few that need extra care in their enclosures! Good luck with him, and I hope that he is doing a lot better now on his health! Linda