Thursday, May 13, 2010

Meet Missy

Why own a dog? There's a danger you know, You can't own just one, for the craving will grow. There's no doubt they're addictive, wherein lies the danger. While living with lots, you'll grow poorer and stranger. This statement from some unknown person, must have known our family. Missy is one of 5 dogs(babies) that are part of our household. I, will at some point introduce all of our babies. Missy is the 2nd. baby that I would like to introduce, Mr Murphy has already been exposed. Missy is our oldest baby, and our 1st. Two years after I remarried, we decided to add an addition to our family, a dog. We didn't know what type but that small to medium size.We went to a number of animal shelters within a 100mi. area. Finally, we went to see some puppies and then we found "our first born". We thought about getting her "brother", but at that time we had SENSE. At that time, my Mother was alive and living with us. Mother was from Europe and she had some difficulties saying certain words. She could say MISSY. Missy, is now 10 years old. She is overweight and has a problem with her right leg. Missy is like a mother to our 4 other dogs. At times she plays with them, other times she just ignores them. As a parent, I feel you know what I mean as a parent both of real children and pets. She is very laid back except when it comes to food and barks for nothing. One day, we realize that Missy, will no longer be with us, but in "dogie heaven. We will miss her very deeply.Reflecting back, Missy, is not just a dog , she is family. She brings laughter, smiles, noise and at times frustration to our lives. Whether, you have dogs, cats, horses, etc. we are fortunate to have these God's "treasures". They provide companionship, at times safety from elements,help in work situations, and a means of living independently for disabled adults.They are God's treasures that need love, nurturing, and recognize that they are special.Doyou have any pets?How many?Do you have any special thing you would like to share about your treasure?


  1. Right now we are granddogparents to Eddy the boxer. He's our youngest son Jordan's dog. He's been here since he was a pup (Jordan and Eddy!HaHa). We had a dog for 15yrs... Ferris and he was a sweetheart and the best dog ever. Ed's a close 2nd! Ferris died on Mem. day 2002.Jordan had lost a really good friend in a car accident the same spring. One night he had a dream and he was calling Ferris, but he wouldn't come to him. Jord's friend who had passed away came into view and told Jordan not to worry, that he would take care of Ferris for him. Then they went off together. That story makes me teary eyed but also strengthens my belief that all animals a have special spirits that will go on as we do in the next life. It's the worst part of being a pet owner..knowing that someday they will have to go. So I guess we should just enjoy them as much as possible now! Sorry this is soooo long!

  2. Nope. We have no pets. Years ago we had a tankful of fish, but gave up on it after our four year old poured Dr. Tichenor's mouthwash into the water and killed them all.

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  4. Rose,

    Thanks for leaving a comment and visiting me. I loved you post on your pets, we love our little girls too and the kids think I'm nuts because I do. Oh well, their problem, not mine. Ha ha

    Do you have an email you would like to share? Where abouts in GA and PA did you live?

  5. Okay - I want a dog - but allergies prevent me from it - my grandson - who lives with us - must ask every day - if he can have one - breaks my heart!


  6. hi; first time commenting on your blog; found it through Angela's (West Virginia Treasures)

    I enjoyed reading about Missy; she sounds like a wonderful companion and friend; dogs do have a way of getting to be a member of the family don't they??

    we have a spoiled corgi who rules our roost :)

    looking forward to getting to know you better :)


  7. Rose, Thank you for stopping by my blog and for thinking of being a follower! You have a lovely family!

  8. Your dog sounds so nice. Animals of all kinds are so special to me! I've had so many different types, and now, with 4 Welsh Corgis, 1 Aussie shepherd, and 2 horses - they make my life complete! Oh, I almost forgot about my 10 hens!!!

  9. Hey Rose!

    Thanks for joining in on Tuesdays' Show & Tail this week! Welcome!

    Missy is a cutie! I know how dogs end up being like the babies in the family! I had a chihuahua before I married and brought her with me when I did. She was our first born! lol She thought she was human. I really miss that little girl of mine. Now I have 2 dogs. Jazz is a corgi and Two is a West Virginia Brown Dog.

    Thanks for signing up to follow my blog! I'm following you too if you don't mind.

    Tuesdays' Show & Tail!

  10. Hi again Rose!! Glad you stopped by for a visit to my personal blog. I noticed that your blog roll list now showed up again. Super!!!!

    AND!!!---to let you know that the list of members for bloggers over 50 is alphabetized by blog title.

    Hope your weekend has been super for you.

  11. We don't own a dog but I love the photos of Missy. ah, so cute. We did have cats but they went to that happy cat box in the sky.
    Thanks for the grin this Sunday morning.

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  13. Thanks for stopping by and posting. Our neighborhood is small but we have really wonderful neighbors and for that we are blessed.

    Have a wonderful week.

  14. Rose...I found you from my friend Julie Marie's bloggie and had to visit you!

    I am "Pet Momma" to my beautiful 7 year old Yorkie, Miss Mollie. In the past I've been Momma to Haleigh (our Sheltie of 10 years) and Gretchen (our Silky of 3 years). Now that my deeply loved human children have grown and flown I'm closer to my beloved doggie more than ever.

    When I was little we had pets but I was not exceptionally close to them. It wasn't until I was married and we gave a stray a home that I began to understand the incredible bond between animals and humans.

    It seems to me that God thought out every detail when it came to blessing His children...animals are indeed His gift to us.

    You little pooch is beautiful.

    I enjoyed my visit and will come back again!

    Rebecca :)

  15. Very true about dogs being used in the the Special Needs Community. A lot of Autism Families are beginning to use dogs as companions too.

    I am a horrible pet owner. I found that at an early age with fish and my poor unloved Cockatiel. One of my cousins ended up with that bird. I tend to forget to feed pets, and I hate cleaning poo. I've got one kid left in diapers and then its freedom.

    So I've done the pet community a big favor and walked away at an early age. I hate seeing unloved pets, its so cruel and selfish.. glad yours are in good hands.

  16. This would take a book to write about all the animals we've had in my getting close to 60 years. My dad collected animals like others collect coins, books, etc. and he taught us all to love them dearly. At the moment, we have 6 corgis, a Border Collie, and two horses.

    All of our kids are grown and I have 15 grandkids with one on the way. Most live several states away from here, so I've gone "BATTY" (capitalized) according to my jealous kids, over our corgis which are my "kids" now that I've retired from working with my Special kids.

    Several of my dogs are trained to help me since I have a bad back and hip, and they pick up things, etc. for me, so I also appreciate "Helper Dogs" and how they make lives easier for people!

    My oldest corgi, OC (Ornery Cuss) is 11 and in a wheelchair now, so I understand what you mean about loving an older dog. (We've had a few in the past that have made it to 17 years old) I've only had to live 3 years without a dog in my life (During Bible College) and then I would get a "fix" by loving every stray I'd see... :) Linda