Thursday, April 29, 2010


How many of us are proud of our homes?As mentioned in my blog profile,I became a widow at age 42. I remarried 13 years ago,to a man who also lost his spouse. When we married, we lived in the house that I owned with the idea of us finding a home that we both felt would be "OUR HOME". My husband and I love older established homes with some yard space.We came across a house that was atleast 70 to 80 years old. Throughout the years, the previous owners kept adding rooms as a result the house is big 2200 sq. feet. We have 4 acres as this property had been a family farm. It's a good thing that my husband grew up on a farm in Ireland. Since our move, we have increased from having 2 dogs to 5 dogs. Are we crazy? At times, it can be wild with the barking and howling. We have an old red barn that is the same age as is the house. It looks rough as the back walls are decaying with time. My husband, is slowly trying to give the barn"some youth",don't know if it will get totally repaired. We have alot of work ,we have high ceilings with cracks in the walls in some of the rooms that need repair. The plumbing has a combination of different pipe materials depending when work was added or fixed. With any old home there would be a miracle if we didn't have repair issues. In all of this, we love our home. It's our home where my stepdaughter, shannon,introduced Michael to us as a future son in law. It's our home with family pictures scattered throughout our home.Pictures of Shannon, Michael, and little molly, our grandchild are displayed. It's our home where my mother lived and died while being under the care of Hospice.the important thing is that our home is where love, laughter, tears and special memorys for us as we were stll growing together as a couple/family after our spouses deaths. We know in the future, we will move to be closer to our family but we will always love "Our Home"in our hearts and memorys.In looking back, WHAT MAKES A HOUSE A HOME?

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  1. What a sweet, sweet post. HOME is definitely where your heart is and it's so obvious your heart is right there. Just because a person has a big, expensive home doesn't mean they are happy or have all that life has to offer. I love that saying, "Bloom where you're planted" and sounds like you are definitely blooming!